Is the fault of Leclerc or Ferrari?

Is the fault of Leclerc or Ferrari?

Daniel San Román comments on the current situation of Charles Leclerc, who finished sixth in the Hungarian GP, ​​in a race that seemed made for Ferrari. He won Max Verstappen and he already has 80 points in the middle of the season.

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¿La fault de Leclerc o Ferraris?

Leclerc has won three races out of 13 races that have been held this season. (Photo: Reuters)/

For Leclerc lovers, the fault of this bad moment lies with the team. Binotto's bad decisions, beginner strategies and the fragility of the single-seater propeller that disguises itself as a smoker when one least expects it, mean that part of this crisis experienced by the Monegasque driver can be attributed to the Italian house. Any team would be forgiven for some mistakes, but not Ferrari. There is the weak pulse they show when they have to make the decision on which driver to prioritize and the absurd pit stops that take 3 seconds longer than Red Bull. If this season has been characterized by something, it is the chill every time its drivers are called to the pitlane.

For the lineage tifossi, Leclerc is not to be trusted. It is fast but unstable. Is youth a justification? Not for them. And it is that Charles has the same years as the champion Verstappen. If age were an excuse, how did Max last year fill multiple champion Lewis's rearview mirrors without missing a beat? For a team that is used to having efficient and controlled drivers (such as Schumacher, Räikkönen, Vettel, Lauda or Alonso), the post-retirement outbursts, the cries of frustration and the constant grimace of a victim make it doubtful whether Leclerc has what it takes. you need to fit the most desired flame retardant.

Binotto has signed this week a check for which he has no funds. “There is no reason why we cannot win 10 races from here to the end”, said the Ferrari team manager before an audience that doubts the level of blood alcohol in which this phrase was offered. Thus, the goal has been set to overcome the Red Bull record of 2013, when they won the nine races between Belgium and Brazil. Faced with this reality, beyond a motivating phrase, it seems like a feverish delusion.

It is also true that Leclerc is a fast, risky and ambitious driver. He is very clear. No one can deny that Ferrari is one of the top teams and that this new condition of protagonists is a situation that they have not experienced for a long time and that stress is making them commit hazing. Perhaps Leclerc is not the driver for this moment and Binotto is not the one called to star in the great transformation of the team. But it is what it is and they only have to grow with a view to 2023. Both parties are responsible for this bad moment. It is clear that Leclerc is not Schumacher and Binotto is not Todt. Maybe one day they will be, but not today. They say that before a great achievement comes an extensive pilgrimage.


Is it Leclerc's or Ferrari's fault?

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