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Is it possible to keep the laptop connected to the socket all the time: the expert answered the question

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar18,2024

Is it possible to keep a laptop plugged in all the time: the expert answered the question

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If you have a habit of constantly keeping your laptop plugged in, then you should give it up. The expert explained what the consequences could be for your gadget in such a case.

Constantly connecting a laptop to the electrical network can lead to a significant reduction in its battery life. Scientists from the University of California in San Diego warn about the negative impact of this practice on the battery, writes Gizmodo.

Associate Professor Kent Griffith explains that the worst for the battery is a state of full charge. Continuous charging at 100% can lead to a rapid decrease in performance battery, and therefore the duration of its operation. Scientist recommend keeping the battery between 20% and 80% for optimal performance.

When your laptop battery is at its worst – 100% charge – for weeks or months, it can damage it. , – said Griffith in an interview with Gizmodo. – So when you unplug it and expect it to last 8 or 10 hours, it can only give you half of what you expect because it has degraded so much during that time.

The problem lies in the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries used in laptops. A fully charged battery stores energy, which leads to oversaturation of the lithium layer, which in turn can lead to battery degradation.

Is it possible to keep the laptop connected to the socket all the time: the expert answered the question

It is worth keeping the charge at 20 – 80%/Photo by Drazen Zigic

Griffith recommends charging the laptop to 100% only when necessary and disconnecting it from the network to save battery life. Keeping the battery between 20% and 80% is the best way to keep it running efficiently.

Constantly connecting the laptop to the network is convenient for users, but it can cause a significant reduction in lifespan batteries, scientists emphasize. In order to preserve the performance of the battery, it is recommended to follow the optimal charging and discharging mode.

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