Iryna Fedyshyn

Iryna Fedyshyn

Irina Fedyshyn after returning to Ukraine, the ice didn't get lost among the defenders

< strong>At home, Ukrainian vicarage Irina Fedyshyn performed in front of her fans at a concert, where she sang her new and old songs, as well as folk, all kinds of hits. Irina Fedyshyn, in the beginning of a large-scale invasion, is engaged in volunteering. Vaughn fought in Ukraine behind the cordon, she took the bones for the soldiers of the ZSU.

< p>Iryna Fedyshyn, after returning to Ukraine, the ice did not perish among the zahisniks

Iryna Fedyshyn . Photo: Instagram screenshot

After returning to Ukraine, the partner continues her volunteer and vocal activities. How many times did the vicona woman sleep in the hall before the defenders of Ukraine.

The woman lived before the war- wearing a bright yellow trouser suit, that blue blouse. Pershoy, Irina vikonala pisnu “Nas

Irina Fedyshyn after turning to Ukraine did not lose ice among the zahisniks

Irina Fedyshyn. Photo: Instagram screenshot

This is how the sleeping partner of her hit “Little Dolonki”, and others. Nasamkinets concerto, Irina vikonala vіdomy hit “Chervona viburnum” ale have a full variant. Spivachka launched into the hall, she died in the midst of the defenders, as if they were singing a popular hit, she carried the Ukrainian ensign over their heads.

Dyakuya, our defenders. It looks like you have that our victory, & # 8211; written by Iryna Fedyshyn.