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Iron Man: after more than 20 years, this game canceled by Activision resurfaces

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

Players are now used to it but not all games are lucky enough to see the light of day. Recently, Life by You, presented as one of the future serious competitors of Sims 5, had ended up being canceled. after several postponements. This time, no cancellation at all. strictly speaking but the emergence of information concerning a canceled Iron Man game in 2003 by Activision.

Iron Man: after more than 20 years, this game canceled by Activision resurfaces

a canceled iron man game resurfaced

Remember. In 2008, Marvel seduced the seventh art and millions of spectators across the world. around the world with Iron Man. Port by Robert Downey Jr, the film grossed over $585 million at the box office and established the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The beginning of happiness for Marvel, for a project which will have accumulated over the years. some production problems. Postponements, successive scripts, difficult casting finalize, Iron Man will not have been completed. a long, quiet river.

Iron Man: after ;s more than 20 years, this game canceled by Activision resurfaces

And while the franchise is now cult, and fans still ask for a bit of Tony Stark/Iron Man, EA Motive, the studio behind the remake of Dead Space, is developing a new Iron Man game. But more than 20 years ago, several Iron Man games were also supposed to accompany the game's release. A strategy that has continued over the years. Among these projects was the one worked on by Kevin Edwards, former developer of the Genepool Software studio.

Here's a game I worked on at Genepool Software after we finished “X-Men 2: Wolverine's Revenge”. AFAIK this is the first time the game has been shown. “The Invincible Ironman” (working title, 2003) was canned by Activision and our studio was shutdown. xemu is pretty impressive!

July 2, 2024

On X, the developer shared images and anecdotes from the canceled Iron Man game that he was working on.According to him, this game was to be called “The Invincible Iron Man” and would apparently have featured Tony in a costume inspired by Ultimate Marvel comics from the early 2000s. Edwards also shared Xbox demo footage showing the armored hero testing his weapons in a desert during a mission to defeat the enemy. destroy a robot manufacturing factory.

Here's a teaser video of “The Invincible Ironman” for the original XBox console from 2003 that I worked on at Genepool Software. I'm still getting my head around the controls again and will post some proper gameplay footage in the next couple of days.

July 3, 2024

As revealed by Edwards, after five/six months of development, Activision decided to release it. to cancel the project.The American publisher did not elaborate on the reasons for this cancellation, but Edwards believes that this decision is linked to production delays of the Iron Man film, or that another studio was approached for the project. Regardless, Genepool Software was closed shortly after this decision, releasing the unfortunate developers into the wild.

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