Irina Soponaru impressed with her appearance without make-up: “Abizyana”

Irina Soponaru impressed with her appearance without make-up: “Abizyana”

At home, Ukrainian humorist Iryna Soponaru laughed and laughed at the shanuvalniks with a video clip, which she looked like without make-up. All the details in the article.

The 35th star of “Woman's apartment” Abizyan”

In her 35 years, the famous Ukrainian comedian and actor Irina Soponaru could save a child in her. This child helps celebrities in their life, age roles Irini help them to achieve maximum positive, humor and mutual support with the audience.

35-row star of “Women's apartment” Irina Soponaru amazed me with her looks without make-up: “Abizyana”

Irina Soponaru impressed with her look without make-up

Varto vіdmіtiti, scho really sirka dovogo did not enter into a serious woman with men and as a whole, she has matured a long time.

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Not so long ago, she knew that she lived with the person at once. Having become a resident of Great Britain, Irina is lucky to travel from Ukraine. Do not tell me about those who the artist has no children, and yet she does not plan to make them people. Soponaru told me that she was afraid of the slopes, and now she was looking at the adoption option.

Irina Soponaru impressed her with her look without makeup

inner child. For example, not long ago she went public on a special side in the social media Instagram video, in which she appeared without make-up.

In front of most of her colleagues, Irina does not hesitate to show her natural look, and do not be afraid of them anymore. Zirka began to grimacing and writhing at the camera. On top of that, she called herself a mavpa through schilnіst to self-indulgence.