Irina Slutskaya told how she was “treated” for AIDS and lupus erythematosus

Irina Slutskaya told how she was “treated” for AIDS and lupus erythematosus

Irina Slutskaya never hid that she was suffering from an incurable disease – vasculitis, but the activity of caring fans and their attempts to “cure” her from AIDS, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and a lot of other diseases surprised the famous athlete. The former figure skater decided to dispel the rumors in her Instagram account.

Irina Slutskaya told how she was

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Irina Slutskaya dedicated an entire publication to her illness. The celebrity unveiled a photo in which she looks absolutely happy, and a new post began with the words: “America was discovered yesterday: Slutskaya is terminally ill.” According to the star figure skater, her Direct is inundated with offers of help, where she is offered “treatment” for AIDS, lupus erythematosus and other serious diseases, all of which appeared after the topic of her health was again raised in the press. The athlete noted that she trusts exclusively traditional medicine and for 17 years of life with vasculitis knows for sure that this disease does not interfere with life. The celebrity remembered her sports and life achievements and admitted that she was proud to get into the Guinness Book of Records thanks to one of them. Moreover, the star became famous not for her illness.

According to Irina Slutskaya, she talks about vasculitis, but only to help people. The former athlete is ready to inspire the sick with her personal example, because she does not want them to sit and simply prepare for something terrible. The skater emphasized that remission allows you to live well and even give birth to three children, and also wished the subscribers good health.

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