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Ireland: Simon Harris named next Prime Minister

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar25,2024

Ireland: Simon Harris named next prime minister

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In a speech on Sunday, Simon Harris notably addressed the subject of immigration, saying he wanted to “move to a more planned and sustainable model”.

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Simon Harris was elected leader of Ireland's center-right Fine Gael party on Sunday, making the 37-year-old the new prime minister of Ireland and the youngest leader in the country. the history of the country.

It is the honor of my life to lead this great party, said Simon Harris, who was the only candidate in this internal election.

It was triggered by the surprise resignation of Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on Wednesday, a few weeks before the European elections and a year before the scheduled date of the legislative elections.

Fine Gael and its government coalition partners – Fianna Fail and the Green Party – form a majority in the Irish parliament.

Simon Harris will thus be able to become, on April 9 when parliament resumes, the Prime Minister of Ireland, a member country of the ;EU, which has five million inhabitants.

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Simon Harris will be the youngest taoiseach (pronounced tee-shock – a Gaelic mt for chief or leader) in Irish history.

The victory of Simon Harris, who was previously Minister for Further Education, was announced at a party convention in Athlone, west of Dublin.< /p>

The spectacular accession of Simon Harris to the post of leader of Fine Gael and prime minister crowns a dazzling political career.

Born in 1986, he grew up in a small town near Dublin. He became interested in politics by campaigning for disability services for his autistic brother.

He joined Fine Gael's youth wing at the age of 16, was elected to parliament at 24 in 2011 and was appointed Minister of Health in 2016, aged just 29.

In his first speech as party leader, Simon Harris said it was time for Fine Gael to renew its commitment to the people. There is a lot to do in the coming months, he said.

I will bring energy and renewal to this party.

A quote from Simon Harris, Ireland's new Prime Minister

He promised to support businesses, particularly small businesses and ensure that work pays.

He said he was proudly pro-European.

On the subject of immigration, he promised to move to a more planned and sustainable model, to a fair and firm system as criticism grows louder against the government's policy on immigration applicants. ;asylum.

Simon Harris will have to tackle difficult subjects like the housing and homelessness crises.

He will also have to find new support for his party, which is in third position in the polls.

Ireland will vote on June 7 for local and European elections. The next legislative elections must take place by March 2025.

Fine Gael fell to third place in the last general election in 2020, far behind the largest party, Sinn Fein (left-wing nationalist), the former political arm of the IRA (Republican Army). Irish), who is still leading the polls.

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Former Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar (File photo)

On Wednesday, Leo Varadkar, 45, resigned, believing he was no longer the best person for the job. He cited political and personal reasons.

Leo Varadkar had been head of government since December 2022. A first stint in power in 2017 had made this doctor mixed race and homosexual the youngest prime minister of traditionally conservative Ireland, at the age of 38.

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