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Iranian “Shahedis” were spotted at a military parade in Belarus

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

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During a military parade in Belarus, Iranian drones of the Shahed type were spotted, which were also given the additional craft names Geran-2/Nomad. This was reported by InformNapalm.


The post stated that the Kremlin wants to involve Belarusian troops and the dictator Lukashenka personally in the war in Ukraine. Thus, the aggressor wants to share responsibility with them. < /p>

Therefore, it is not excluded that the “Shahedy” demonstrated at the parade in Belarus may fly over the territory of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, InformNapalm emphasized.

Belarus takes over participation in a full-scale war from 2022, the Russian invasion and missile attacks on Ukraine began from its territory. 

Currently, the territory of Belarus is temporarily not used by the aggressor for direct attacks, but the Lukashenko regime constantly there are threats with elements of rattling nuclear weapons, which the Russian Federation brought to Belarus, and the Belarusian military is actively participating in the anti-terrorist operation against Ukraine. 

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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