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Iran supplied Russia with new air bombs for attacks on Ukraine, – ZMI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

Iran supplied Russia with new air bombs for strikes on Ukraine, – ZMI

Photo: hawker Mohajer-6 with Qaem-5 aircraft bombs

Iran has begun delivering new Qaem-5 armored aircraft bombs to Russia (“Kaim-5”). Bild informs about this. Military expert Julian Repke obtained such a conclusion by analyzing the video recording from the scene of the crash of the Iranian important drone Mohajer-6, which crashed in the Kursk region last weekend.

Surely, the drone will attack the Sumy region of Ukraine, before reaching purposely and fell. Judging by the footage, the drone was carrying a Qaem-5 aircraft bomb, which the Russian army had not previously fought in the war against Ukraine.

Iran supplied Russia with new aircraft bombs for attacks on Ukraine, – ;new rhubarb wyskova There are rumors between Tehran and Moscow.</p>
<p>BBC News indicates that the ammunition in the photo and video looks very similar to the Qaem-5 – a planned small-diameter air bomb that can be installed on Iranian drones Mohajer-6 and Hamaseh .</p>
<p>This bomb is TV-guided and can be equipped with different types of warheads. The stated flight range is up to 40 km. In Iran, they accepted the 2019 war.</p>
<p><strong>BAGNET</strong> predicts that Iran secretly supplied Russia with millions of rounds and hundreds of thousands of shells.</p>
<p> Prepared by: Serhiy Daga</p>
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