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It was big news that three England players withdrew from the IPL after abandoning the Manchester Test in the India-England series. Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Johnny Bairstow, Delhi Capitals ‘Chris Vokes and Punjab Kings’ David Malan have all withdrawn. This was followed by rumors that the players had withdrawn after India announced that they would not be playing in the Manchester Test. But now England bowler Chris Vokes has denied the rumors.

Vokes said he did not withdraw from the IPL in protest of the abandonment of the fifth Test. “The call-up to the T20 World Cup squad was unexpected. The Ashes series is coming after the World Cup. Both of these tournaments are very important. They both want to play with full fitness. It will not be easy to play in these two tournaments in a short span of time. You have to make good preparations and try to make the training better, which is why you stay away from the IPL. “It’s not just a protest against Manchester United’s abandonment of the Test.

Vokes, who withdrew from the second quarter, has been replaced by Australian Ben Dwarzius in the Delhi Capitals squad.

In addition to Vokes, Bairstow and Malan, Jose Butler, Joffre Archer and Ben Stokes (Rajasthan Royals) have all withdrawn from the IPL. With this, the number of England players has dropped significantly in the second quarter of the league, which was represented by more than ten players.

England captain Owen Morgan (Kolkata), Liam Livingston (Rajasthan) returning in the first quarter, Sam Karan, Moin Ali (Chennai Super Kings), Adil Rashid (Punjab) preparing to play their first season in the IPL, and fireball batsman Jason Roy (still) in the league. There are indications that some of them may withdraw after the matches. As the England-Pakistan T20 series takes place ahead of the World Cup, the services of England players in the England squad for this series will not be available to the teams in the playoffs.

The first match of the second quarter, which starts on September 19 in the UAE, will be between defending champions Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians and MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings. The final is on October 15.

Competitions in the UAE will be held in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi as in the previous edition. There will be 13 matches in Dubai, 10 in Sharjah and eight in Abu Dhabi. The first qualifier final will be played in Dubai and the second eliminator will be played in Sharjah. The afternoon matches will start at 3.30 pm. The second match will be played at 7.30 pm.

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