IPhone 12 Pro Max will get the support of recording videos in 4K 240 FPS

The upcoming IPhone 12 Pro Max, the presentation of which is expected in September 2020, will be supported recording video in 4K 240 FPS. This is indicated by the information discovered by the independent reviewers in the beta version of iOS 14.

IPhone 12 Pro Max получит поддержку записи видео в 4K 240 FPS

Shooting 4K at 60 fps recently is the standard for almost all the flagship smartphones from different manufacturers. Apple decided to bypass their competitors. As reported by foreign and domestic sources, the manufacturer decided to add a line of iPhone 12 the option of shooting video in 4K at 120, and possibly at 240 fps. Experts believe that the technical rigging of the upcoming models ready for such innovations. It is expected that the 4K/240 will be available as slow motion video. Mode 4K/120 may appear as normal size. The presence of shooting in 8K resolution, which appears in more advanced smartphones in 2020, in the latest models of the “Apple” giant is unlikely to emerge.

Apple will certainly try to surprise your potential buyers some new tools, but not the fact that voiced by the experts predictions will come true. Because we all know that is not always technology beta versions of the new OS but end up in the final Assembly.

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