iPad helped to discover the biggest secret of the ancient Maya

Researchers from the University of Arizona in Tucson lidar have discovered the oldest ceremonial area of the Maya in Southeast Mexico

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iPad помог обнаружить самый большой секрет древних майя

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Lidar technology (LIDAR), that allows many cars with the autopilot to “know” the world around us by scanning. This technology first appeared in the new iPad Pro this year, as a way to identify user in the face. LIDAR uses pulsed laser light to measure the distance to the object. But it has many other applications, for example, recently, this technology helped to discover ancient relics of the Maya.

Researchers from the University of Arizona in Tucson recently were able to use aerial lidar system to detect the old ceremonial ground of the Maya in Southeast Mexico. The construction appeared to be the largest and the oldest in the entire pre-Hispanic history of the region is about 1,400 meters in length and 15 meters in height, and its age is about 3000 years old. There is a massive monument in the Mexican Aguada Phoenix in Tabasco, near the Northwest border of Guatemala. Feature archaeological finds in the fact that it precedes the construction of the pyramids of the Maya.

See also the story of how to combine ancient traditions and modern technologies:

“Lidar emits laser beams from the plane – they penetrate through the trees and reveal the shape of the surface of the earth. Previously, this area did not attach any importance, because the area is so huge that hiding behind overgrown trees, it looks like part of the natural landscape. It is visible only from height of bird’s flight,” explains Professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona’s Takeshi Inomata.

iPad помог обнаружить самый большой секрет древних майя

Three-dimensional map of the ancient Mayan buildings, compiled by the LIDAR and

Using lidar, archaeologists were able to create a three-dimensional map of the surface, flying over the area at the same time scanning the ground below. This helped to reveal the huge size of the object, its construction would take 10 to 13 million man-days, and probably in this ancient project were involved more than thousands of people dug the 4.3 million cubic meters of earth.

Lidar is not the first time plays an important role in such studies. In 2016, the researchers used this technology to create a map of the lost city hidden beneath the jungle in Cambodia.

Recall that the lidar will be used in four the iPhone 12, which will be released in 2020. Fisker also introduced electric car with doors, butterflies, lightning charging and LIDAR.

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