Investing in technologies to help Ukraine in the war

Investing in technologies to help Ukraine in the war

– online hackathon to support Ukraine. This method is used to mobilize the country for the development of technological solutions aimed at helping the victims of the war, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the renewal of the country. . We can see how the people of this company win technologies to weaken Russia and help Ukraine, how to add technology to the form of warfare.

Payment services

Because of the skin package of sanctions, more and more Russian banks have been included in the Swift international payment system.

In Russia, the PayPal payment service has been added. Natomist in Ukraine from the bank PayPal has given the opportunity to pay a penny rebate, as well as 3-month work time without commission.

Visa and Mastercard payment systems were also sent from Russia.

Inside IT and technology companies


Amazon Web Services has helped Ukrainian ministries and enterprises transfer over 10 petabytes of data to secure storage sites. Suddenly, the company pinned the delivery of its goods to Russia and closed access to the Prime Video streaming service.

Apple and Google

download your gadgets.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe came from Russia on the 3rd birch. The company gave three months of free shipping for the most recent Ukrainian correspondents.

Starlink and Elon Musk's sleep panels

Starlink's global satellite internet system allows you to deliver internet-s&rsquo ; the language is near the distant districts, de vin konche is necessary. Especially the wines of value at the front, where it can be fired up for the support of the solar panels, which will supply electricity for a new one just in a clean field.


This is an American retailer of software for data analysis. The company spivpratsiuvateme with Ukraine in the defense sector, security and digital technologies. About this, the President of Ukraine spoke to Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir, on the eve of his visit to Kiev 2 pm.


Today's technology is especially at home on the front, it won't stop in the middle for the downfall of the enemy. One of the representatives of such technologies are unmanned lethal aircraft, which are used both for reconnaissance and for defense.

Ukrainian IT-community, as an active donation to the army, took a record amount of more than 32,000,000 hryvnias for UAV system, as well as – navpak, I’m going to counter the system to attack our warriors from the drones.

Innovative technologies


Blockchain – tse technology, on which cryptocurrencies are used, that is the system of decentralized payments. Russia vikoristovu crypt to circumvent the sanctions of other payment systems, and Ukraine – importantly, as another alternative way to collect money for the needs of the army.


NFT technology (which gives the right of intellectual power to digital technology) is also actively win to collect coins for Ukraine through auctions and donations.

Cell Broadcast notification system

The Sovereign Service of Ukraine, in emergency situations, jointly with mobile operators, is launching a new (for Ukraine) notification system based on Cell Broadcast technology. The essence of the technology lies in the fact that one notice can instantly reach a large number of telephones, displaying on the screen on top of all the programs of the locked screen. War in Ukraine – a good reason to start stopping Cell Broadcast with us.

Clearview AI Vision Recognition Technology

There are two reasons for the stagnation of Vision Recognition Technology during the month of war. First, for the help of her, Ukrainian fakhivtsy recognize the dead Russian Russians and tell about them to their relatives and close ones in social networks. in the Ukrainian community, the goodness of such people was captured by the cameras of caution at the points of correction.

3D-technologies that piece of intelligence

3D laser scanning and 3D mapping are being made to save military mischief in Ukraine for further research and saving evidence .

Technologies for secure web surfing

Anti-Spyware browser extension SpyBuster for MacPaw allows you to protect your data for an hour of web surfing. Previously, SpyBuster was only available for Mac, but recently the company released an extension for Google Chrome, wanting to add some functionality.

An alternative good old way to protect your data – download a VPN that assigns your online activity to an IP address.

Web resources

A lot of websites have pointed out the problems of people who are irritated by the war to leave their homes. For example, the portal for Airbnb's joke housing told about the date of the timeless costless housing for 100 thousand Ukrainian refugees.

More which is a marker of the current military hour, appointments for checking the correctness of the bots. The official bodies of Ukraine have launched a decal of Telegram bots to inform about miscarriage of the enemy, about collaborators, and fixing military mischief. But the enemy is creating fake chat bots that can only get one more character. Don't put a threat to the security of coristuvachs.

Be respectful and win the technology for your protection.