Investigators cannot say for sure if Iranian drones flew at the heads of Ukrainians

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Investigators can't say for sure if Iranian drones flew at the heads of Ukrainians

Ukrainian investigation so far did not determine the origin of the combat drones that Russian rashists have been launching across our country since September.

“To say that this is – Iranian-made drones or not – we can't yet. 

The pre-trial investigation is now ongoing. It won't be fast. After all, the examination is necessary not simple, but with the participation of specialists of a wide scale, who will be able to find out what kind of components, their origin. According to the examinations, it will be possible to establish the origin of these drones and the manufacturer of the components.

We cannot indicate how long the examinations will last, due to the fact that the Russian Federation is actively shelling Ukraine,” said the prosecutor of the Department for Combating Crimes in the conditions armed conflict of the Office of the Prosecutor General Ivan Chizhevsky in a comment for Suspіlna.

He explained that the investigation is striving to establish all the components associated with the drone attacks.

"How did this drone appear in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, why is it called "Geran" and “Geranium-2”, why is it so similar to “Shahed-131”, “Shahed-136″ and "Mohajer-6"? In general, where are these drones being built, what are the delivery routes, who supplied them? Date and place of manufacture, what contracts were concluded, who concluded them – it is also very important in the course of the pre-trial investigation, in the course of establishing all the schemes”, – said Chizhevsky.

Using intelligence data and technology, the investigation will try to identify drone operators, the prosecutor said. 

However, the Russians are trying to confuse Ukrainian investigators and experts.

“There are cases when the aggressor country specifically marks a certain company in order to mislead us. Or vice versa, we recorded traces of the destruction of names, markings or stickers on products”, & ndash; said Chizhevsky.

“The investigation will have to establish each component: the country of origin, the date of manufacture and make sure that the abbreviation or name of the manufacturer is not a fake,” – he added.

Ukraine will file lawsuits in international courts over Russia's use of kamikaze drones.

“First of all, the pre-trial investigation must be completed – by our bodies, in our country, with the participation of specialists. Of course, Ukraine will file lawsuits in international courts over the use of drones. But at the moment, to approve to which authority, the terms – I think it will be wrong enough”, – Chizhevsky said. 

The prosecutor added that international partners are helping Ukrainian experts and law enforcement officers. The Ukrainian investigation has not yet applied to Iran.

According to Chizhevsky, more than 50 criminal proceedings are now open due to the use of kamikaze drones. If necessary, cases can be combined.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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