Intuit: revenue, profit missed forecasts in Q3

Intuit: доходы, прибыль оказались ниже прогнозов в Q3

Company Intuit has released on Thursday the results report in the third quarter which disappointed analysts. Income figure fell short of forecasts.

The company announced earnings per share of $ 4,49 $, income was 3.00 B $. Analysts polled, assumed in the projections that earnings per share will be 4,78 $, and the total income will amount to 3.08 B $ compared to earnings per share of 5.55 $ with a total revenue of 3.27 B $ in the same period a year earlier, the company reported earnings per share in the amount of 1.16 $ with a total revenue of 1.7 B $ in the previous quarter.

This year, the value of the shares of Intuit, a rise of 10%, showed better results than in General according to the Nasdaq, rising 2% since the beginning of the year.

Intuit follows the General trend of companies in the sector of “Technology” this month

On 29 April, Microsoft reported third quarterly report for 1.40 $, the profit is made up of 35.02 B $, compared to forecasts for income per share $ 1.27 $ at the total income 33,66 B $

Apple surpassed analysts ‘ expectations in April 30 in the second quarter, quarterly earnings per share of 2.55 $ for a total profit 58,31 B $ Analysts earlier it was predicted that earnings per share will be 2,24 $ in total income 54,78 B $

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