Intimate scenes from the show “Normal people” was on PornHub

Интимные сцены из сериала "Нормальные люди" оказались на PornHub

Frame from the movie “Normal people”. Photo:

Last week on one of the world’s most popular porn site PornHub has appeared 22-minute compilation of sex scenes from the movie “Normal people” from Hulu and BBC. The producers of the project sent a request for content removal, and it was removed, but this video is still available on other platforms, says Variety.

As said the publication of the ed, the Gini, Executive producer of the series, the creators of “Normal people” very disappointed that the scenes were used in this way. He notes that this is both copyright infringement and a deep disrespect to the creative team.

Pornhub, in turn, said that the video their platform is already deleted, and respect all inquiries regarding copyright.

Piracy and the proliferation of sex scenes from movies and TV shows on the Internet, the newspaper notes, has become a problem with the development of video sharing platforms, affecting many shows, including the famous “Game of thrones”.

For content producers has become a common practice to attract anti-piracy companies to scan platforms for the exchange of video, and then send a deletion request to the relevant websites. Most of them do not ignore these letters, while query processing can take time. You can also, for example, to obtain injunctions to remove material, but it is an expensive process.

As told by an anonymous expert on legal issues, such situations happen all the time, and there’s nothing you can do about it, especially in the case of the illegal platforms.

This show attracts more people. You should have learned from the negative to the positive – this demonstration may help if you’re trying to sell the show around the world,” – said the lawyer.

Drama series “the Normal people” of the 12 episodes in the spring of 2020 was released on digital channel BBC Three and on the streaming platform Hulu in the United States.

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