Interview with Evaluna Montaner and Camilo: “We believe in the exercise of looking inside and emptying ourselves of distractions”

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In dialogue with Infobae, the artists spoke about their current affairs, the way they educate their daughter, how they cope with responsibilities and the bond with the public . They also referred to the new series “Los Montaner”, from Disney+


Lucía Ugarte del Campo

Evaluna & Camilo – Infobae America

They are 25 and 28 years old. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and he in Medellín, Colombia. They both sing, dance and act since they were very young, and they have been a couple for seven years: five dating, two married. They are Evaluna Montaner and Camilo.

They harvested a very special fruit called Indigo. But they also achieved five Latin Grammys last year, a Hollywood movie with Sofía Vergara, and more than 20 million people are part of her tribe on Youtube< /i>.

A few weeks ago they sang for 80,000 people at the mythical Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid, they are the authors of numerous hits (Indigo, Machu Picchu, Tutu, Vida de Rico), she is part of the musical dynasty of Los Montaner, and today they premiere their family docureality at Disney worldwide.

– Did you imagine when you recorded your videos on YouTube that today you were going to be presenting your own series with Disney? Is loving still your revolution?

Camilo: Wow!… but with that introduction…

Evaluna: Great, right?

Camilo: And now what do I do with my ego?

Evaluna: Says you dance very well…

Camilo: In that one…

Evaluna: She says you act and dance very well, but you always say you don't like to dance…

Camilo: Wait a minute, what's going on here? ' She said “I'm going to do an intro and if I make a mistake…”, are you saying that she made a mistake about me dancing?

Evaluna: No, I'm saying that she said it herself too.

Camilo: Look me in the eye…

Evaluna: Did you see? Oh…

Camilo: I think I dance very well…

Evaluna: You dance very well. But you always say no…

Camilo: And why are you laughing there? You're breaking my heart!

Evaluna: I'm not laughing, look at me (laughs).

Are you happy with the docu-series?

Evaluna: Oh, very happy… sorry, getting back on topic…

Camilo: And yes, we dance amazingly. But with The Montaners are very happy and excited to be able to share this creative piece.

– In a chapter of Los Montaner they talk about the importance of living with intention and purpose in every action of our lives. I would like this note to also have a purpose, which is why I suggest you remember the video you made on your YouTube channel four years ago echoing the case of Cristina Isabel, an 11-year-old girl who studied at the same school as Camilo in Monteria – Cordoba, Colombia-, and committed suicide because her classmates called her fat. Today being parents of Indigo, what message would you say to all the people who are watching us and today are suffering from bullying in their lives?

Camilo: Look, we have… How difficult, because we are not professionals in this regard and everything we have shared around the subject was with the deep desire to distill something from our lives and illuminate the lives of others. Something that this docuseries talks about deeply is the importance of the human cord that surrounds you, how important it is to dedicate an effort to continue strengthening your relationship with your family, with your friends… afford one… -and I think that is very stigmatized in our society – allow vulnerability. How many people who are exposed to situations of bullying and abuse would feel so relieved in their hearts if they had the chance to say to someone: Did you know? I feel very bad, I'm feeling very bad, I'm sad. Being able to talk things over, to have someone to vent to.

Evaluna: Also, that the subject of therapy ceases to be a taboo, I feel that it is super important to have help with you and that parents tell their children that it is okay to feel a certain way, and that it is okay to talk to someone… It is something That for me has always been an open door, but for many it is a taboo to have professional help there who can help you with issues as important as bullying.

– Both constantly speak of the importance of daily conversation with God for our spirits, and of psychological accompaniment to calm our minds. What do you feel each of these conversations brings to your life? The conversation with God and with his psychologist?

Camilo: We believe in the constant exercise of looking inside. The constant exercise of emptying oneself of the distractions and noise that there is so much at this moment in our society, to be able to listen to what is essential and a little quieter and more subtle. It is a tremendous habit for one to be able to have the root of what I believe to be peace of mind, which is peace of mind first. And of course we have an incredible psychologist with whom we meet constantly to review things that invade us, that touch us, that bother us, that weigh us down… how important is what you say my love, to destigmatize the idea of ​​having help, to ask for help, “I need help”. That is so important.

– And speaking of help, in this new stage of their lives the heads of the family -Marlenes and Ricardo-, say that the babies are portable and can accompany them around the world to continue building their careers. Are you afraid that Indigo's image is on social media?

Evaluna: Well, that it's portable is very convenient and it's great, because we can continue doing what we love with it and it's fantastic, and everything becomes more beautiful. And the other, do you mean it?

Camilo: Right now we are protecting everything that she is deciding to do, and for now she is very busy deciding to go through the floors of the house, deciding to bite the legs of the chairs…

Evaluna: Bite the labels of things…

Camilo: Learning to say papa and mama, and moving in a very strange way… I think she's very busy, we still haven't been able to talk about the future. She still doesn't know what that means, so she's too busy living in the present. When you get us a little bit to talk about it in a few years, we'll talk about it.

– And finally, 4 years ago they shared a video where they invited to eradicate plastic in the life of their tribe and what moved me the most was the ending where they showed a deaf and dumb boy who, since he did not understand anything he was saying, reacted differently. aggressive way. Until they put music to her and she began to dance in the sweetest way with other children, do you remember any particular story where the power of your songs has intervened in a miraculous way in the life of another person?

Evaluna: Wow! Yes, a lot.

Camilo: Look, I'm telling you, the topic of cards is something that I'm very passionate about. I receive them, and as far as possible, it's very difficult sometimes because there are so many… but I keep them in my bag.

Evaluna: You almost always read them all love…< /p>

Camilo: Yes, I receive the ones that come into my hands and if I don't read them, I keep them in my bag. And when I have a long flight or something, I take them out, cut them out, read them, honor them, paste them in my journal or burn them, say goodbye to them, but I read them. I remember a lot of a letter that I shared even at a concert, that a girl from Almería sent me and she told me that her time with her father when she listened to our songs was her happy moment. Her father became very ill and the only moments they had of happiness and tranquility were when he listened to our songs. To the point that his father got very sick, and was about to go to Heaven, they had to make the decision to disconnect him, and just when they disconnected him they put on our songs as if to honor that relationship they had and of which we were a part without having no idea. And with that I remembered how sacred is what is happening in front of us without even realizing it. And how sacred is that bond with people and that songs, and that our profession allows. Something that motivates us to continue doing it, to continue sharing more about who we are, what we feel. What do I know, an anecdote that seems to me to have a bit of a sigh but that is beautiful.


The Avant Premiere of Los Montaner, the new original series from Disney+, was attended by the entire Montaner familyand renowned music artists. Among the guests were Lele Pons, Guaynaa, Calle y Poché, Elettra Lamborghini, Emily Estefan, JenCarlos Canela, Joel Deleon, Jota Rosa, Julián Turizo, Llane, Lili Estefan, Mario Ruiz, Micro THD, Pitizion, among other artist friends of the family.

This new production immerses itself in the daily life of one of the most beloved families in Latin America, led by the renowned singer and songwriter Ricardo Montaner, one of the main exponents of Latin music.

The event was attended by Ricardo, Marlene, Mau, Sara, Ricky, Stefy Roitman, Evaluna and Camilo, everyone celebrated the premiere together with the attendees, in a night full of music, laughter and emotion.

Los Montaner presents the most intimate moments of the family, providing barrier-free access and revealing the behind-the-scenes of family events that had great notoriety in the media and social networks, such as Ricky and Stef's wedding, the birth of Evaluna and Camilo's daughter -Índigo-, and the desire on the part of Mau and Sara to form a family that was crowned with the recent arrival of Apolo, Ricardo and Marlene's sixth grandson.

The Montaners also shows behind the scenes of the artistic careers of family members, witnessing unforgettable moments such as the ceremony of the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. In addition, he accompanies them on family trips to Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Argentina, delves into the sensations that Ricardo and Marlene experience with their “empty nest”, and records birthday celebrations and other special events that reveal the unique way in which the Montaners celebrate family and prioritize time together, while leading a life as music stars.

Created by the Montaners and Lex Borrero, produced by NTERTAIN Studios and with the creative collaboration of Disney Branded Television unscripted team,Los Montaner is made up of ten episodes lasting between 40 and 45 minutes. The final five episodes will arrive on December 28 on the service of streaming all over the world.