Interpol broke up a clandestine brothel in Uruguay where more than 20 women were exploited

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The modus operandi of those involved consisted of building the loyalty of the workers to the premises through “affective ties”

Interpol dismantled a clandestine brothel in Uruguay where more than 20 women were exploited

The defendants controlled the services offered by means of timers so that the stipulated time was not exceeded and forced women to have sex even when they were on their menstrual period. Photo: Archive

The Uruguayan Ministry of the Interior reported that Interpol dismantled a clandestine brothellocated in the Bella Vista neighborhood (Montevideo) in which more than 20 women would have been exploited. In the case, the Justice charged two individuals with human trafficking in the form of sexual exploitation and arms trafficking. In addition, this Thursday the Prosecutor's Office published its request for formalization and control of detention.

The investigation “Apollo” It began in August of this year and had a breakthrough when it was found that one of the two people now charged in the case was the administrator of a well-known website linked to sex work. What would have caught the attention of the researchers was that the same contact number appeared in several publications, “this being a clear indicator that, possibly, the women in said publications were being managed by third parties,” reported lnterior.

“Continuing with the actions, it was possible to establish that these women who published on the website carried out their activity in a clandestine brothel, as well as that those investigated not only obtained an economic benefit from their sex work, but also through the imposition of financial sanctions for various reasons,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Prosecutor's Office, for its part, explained “that each 'pass' -when the girl deals with a client for 15 minutes, a half or an hour- brings them USD 12.5 in profit; while late arrivals and unjustified absences earn them between USD 12.5 and USD 25. Going out to 'occupy' in hotels outside the apartment earns them USD 12.5 for the transfer plus a plus for being the place outside the apartment”.

The modus operandi of those involved consisted of building the loyalty of the workers to the premises through “affective ties”. In fact, it was possible to verify that one of them had an “engagement” with at least three of the victims, “but it became clear that this was onlyanother form of control, since regardless of the sentimental relationship they claimed to have, they were relentless when it came to maintaining the prosperity of their business”. Another of the strategies was to manipulate one of the exploited women so that she was the visible image of the business and they remained in the background.

According to the Prosecutor's report, the “recruitment” of women occurred in different ways. Another of them was publishing the job offer on web pages: “An initial telephone contact is established, in which the women are explained what the job that they call 'private apartment' consists of, trying to attract them, in order to that they attend a personal interview with them.”

However, the agency assured that the publications were not clear although, once the contact began, they tried to convince them through persuasive methods. Among the ways to attract personnel, they also offered photography courses. Lastly, the defendants posed as women on sexuality networks and forums, making them believe that they were “a group of friends who share a private apartment; hiding that behind it there is an organization between the two defendants.”

Meanwhile, the defendants controlled the services offered through timers so that the stipulated time with clients was not exceeded. In addition, it was reported that women were forced to work even when they were on their menstrual period.

After the raid on the brothel, two revolvers, nine ammunition, a vehicle, three cell phones, two computers, a hard drive, two cameras, three timers, lingerie and money. On the devices, “a huge number of images of women who have passed through the premises over time” were found. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor's Office is investigating whether any of them were minors at the time they were photographed