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Internet without light. Will optical fiber, which is now almost impossible to connect, save

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

The Internet is without light. Will optical fiber, which is now almost impossible to connect, save

With the increasing frequency of power outages, the issue of a stable Internet connection becomes extremely urgent. Many hope that fiber optic Internet can become a lifeline in such conditions. However, despite its potential advantages, it is now extremely difficult to connect fiber optics due to high demand and a lack of human resources.

About how much it costs to connect fiber optics for subscribers and the complexity of work in this matter, in the comments of RBC-Ukraine internet providers of Ukraine told.

What is fiber optic internet

Fiber optic Internet is a modern data transmission technology that uses light pulses passing through thin fibers of glass or plastic. It allows the transmission of information over long distances with high speed and minimal loss, which makes this technology indispensable in the modern world of communications.

Advantages of optical fiber


Optical fiber offers an extremely high-speed connection that exceeds the capabilities of copper cables by tens or even hundreds of times. This allows you to download and transfer large amounts of data in seconds.


Thanks to its resistance to electromagnetic interference and other external influences, fiber-optic Internet provides high signal stability. This guarantees uninterrupted operation even in difficult weather conditions and at peak network loads.


Optical fiber cables are exceptionally durable and resistant to mechanical damage. This minimizes the risks of interruptions and breakdowns, guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation of the Internet for a long time.


Fiber optic technology is constantly developing, opening up new opportunities for expanding bandwidth and introducing innovative services.

How much does fiber optic Internet cost now

Today, the prices for connecting fiber optic Internet vary significantly . The cost can range from 1,000 to 6,000 hryvnias, depending on the urgency and complexity of the work. For example, the cost of bonding optics and installing a terminal can reach more than 600 hryvnias.

Also, the price of connection may be higher for private houses due to the need for additional cable work. The cost may also increase if you need to connect urgently.

ISPs set these prices because of the high demand for this service. Previously, you could find promotions with a free connection, but now due to high demand, the connection has become paid.

Will such an Internet connection provide during a blackout

Yes, this technology can provide more stable communication during power outages, but it depends on the provider and the availability of uninterruptible power sources for subscribers. This is also due to the fact that when connected using PON (Passive Optical Network) technology, the equipment does not need power in each entrance.

Only one central station is installed per residential complex or district, which makes it easier to power it during blackouts. However, it should be borne in mind that providers promise uninterrupted work for 72 hours, but this may depend on the possibility of prompt maintenance of the network in case of breakdowns.

Is it difficult to connect fiber optic internet now

Connecting fiber optic internet now difficult due to high demand and lack of human resources caused by mobilization.

During the war, many skilled workers were mobilized, which reduced the number of available crews to carry out connections. This significantly lengthens the waiting period for connection, especially in cities with a high population density, where the demand for Internet services is very high.

Queues for connection can last up to a month or more. For example, Kyivnet provider queues are already scheduled a month in advance.

Technically, the connection is more difficult than using twisted pair, as special tools are required for soldering connectors and installing the terminal.

What is the queue at connection at the moment

At the moment, the minimum waiting period is a month, and with some providers the queues can be even longer. The demand for high-speed Internet is constantly increasing, especially considering blackouts, remote work and education. The lack of qualified employees due to mobilization only complicates the situation.

Internet providers in Ukraine are not considered critical infrastructure, so they cannot reserve their employees from mobilization. However, if a company is deemed critical, it will be able to reserve up to 50 percent of its staff.

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