International Day of Democracy 2021 | The Importance of Celebrating ‘International Democracy Day’ during the Kovid period

September 15, 2021 by archyde
September 15 is International Democracy Day, celebrated every year with the basic objective of promoting and upholding democratic values. International Democracy Day provides an opportunity to assess the global state of democracy. The glory of democracy has not increased since the world began to accept it. The fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany in 1989, the end of the US-Russia Cold War in 1991, and the end of apartheid in South Africa in 1994 all played a significant role in shaping the future of democracy.

Democracy is a process and a goal. The ideal of democracy can only be achieved with the full participation and support of the international community, national governing bodies, civilized civil society and the people. An important element of democracy is the holding of periodic and legitimate elections in accordance with universal suffrage, based on the principles of freedom and human rights. Therefore, democracy creates a natural environment for the protection and effective implementation of human rights.

International Democracy Day: History

September 15 is International Democracy Day, a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007. The basic aim of International Democracy Day is to encourage people to be attracted to democracy and to persuade governments to protect the rights of the people. The goal of the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) was to uphold and promote democratic principles. The UNGA called on all member states and organizations to observe this day in a way that raises public awareness.

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International Democracy Day: Significance

International Democracy Day provides an opportunity to assess the state of democracy around the world. Every year on this day a different theme is raised. The topics of the previous year – strong democracies, the relevance of democracy to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, increased public participation, acceptance and debate, accountability and political tolerance. It helps to assess the barriers to a system that prioritizes the implementation of the paradigm shift towards democracy. Lack of sustainable growth at many social levels is one of the most important negative aspects of a developed nation.

The celebration of International Democracy Day is of great importance during this period. This is because the unexpected arrival of the Kovid 19 epidemic has created huge social, political and legal challenges around the world and countries have taken immediate steps to address these crises. It is important that they maintain the rule of law. At the same time, it is important to protect and respect international standards and important legal principles, and to uphold the right to justice, redress and due process.

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