Internal disputes grow in the Chilean government coalition over the pardons of Gabriel Boric

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The parties that make up the government are moving away from the possibility of participating in a single list to compete in the next elections

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Internal disputes grow in the Chilean government coalition over the pardons of Gabriel Boric

In the image, a record of former Chilean senator Guido Girardi

The presidents of the parties of the ruling coalition I Approve Dignity (AD) expressed their rejection of the statements of former senator Guido Girardi, who said that the list of candidates for constitutional advisers of that bloc “is going to be the list of pardons”.

The internal disputes within the Chilean ruling party they have been continuous within the parties of the government coalition, for the formation of a single list, something that was requested by President Gabriel Boric, thinking about how they will compete in the next elections of the constitutional advisers, who will be in charge of writing the new Constitution.

But the disagreement worsened with the statements by former senator of the Party for Democracy (PPD) Guido Girardi, who, in a radio interview, argued that the low approval ratings of the government of President Gabriel Boric in the polls and the controversy surrounding the 13 presidential pardons granted by the end of the year, “make a victory in the elections unlikely”.

“There are many people who voted for the Concertación, who voted for President Bachelet, for Lagos, who would vote for Democratic Socialism, but they are not going to vote for a list that is headed by the Communist Party (PC) and the Broad Front ( FA). Less in these times, less after the pardon, when that will be the pardon list.” The foregoing refers to the controversy over the pardon granted by President Gabriel Boric to 13 men who remained in prison since the so-called social outbreak.

Internal disputes grow in the Chilean government coalition over the pardons of Gabriel Boric

REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido

The declarations of the former parliamentarian and leader of the PPD, set fire within the ruling party, especially in the leaders of Approve Dignity, the government coalition, who came out to refute these statements. The president of Revolución Democrática (RD) member of AD, Juan Ignacio Latorre, pointed out that “I think the former senator's statements are offensive and add to a right-wing chorus. Those declarations are functional to the right”. I add “We as the RD are making the greatest efforts for a unitary list of the ruling party, the same is true of all the parties of Approve Dignity and I would dare to say the same of several parties of the ruling party. It is something that the president of the government alliance coalition, which is President Boric, is asking for”, Latorre pointed out.

For his part, the general secretary of the PC, Lautaro Carmona , considered that “it is not a contributor that there are these interventions with arguments that disqualify (…) this is an inappropriate disqualification, because a fence is created that separates forces that are making a common effort to be active part of the implementation of the Government”.

While the president of the PPD, Natalaia Piergentili, described the statements by Girardi, who is also a member of the same party, as a “caricature”, pointing out that “I do not agree that he has named the lists that way, because we believe that we contribute to expanding the social and political base to the government. We have a theme like Democratic Socialism. We want to reveal our identity, but I insist, not from insulting the other”, Piergentili stressed.

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But the statements of the former PPD senator also reverberated in La Moneda, where the ministers Ana Lya Urtiarte, from the general secretariat of the presidency and Camila Vallejo, from the general secretariat of government, came out to respond to the Girardi statements. Vallejo, the spokesperson said, that “it is not good to fall into caricatures in general, because politics again begins to enter into a small discussion.”

For his part, Uriarte said he did not share the opinion of the former senator. “I do not share it (…). Our position as a government, our most desirable scenario, is for the alliance to go to the elections on a single list and on a broad spectrum that, hopefully, includes everything from the Christian Democrats to the Communist Party”

From the official ranks they assured that President Gabriel Boric hopes that there will be only one list. The truth is that in the Broad Front they recognize that if they go separately in the next elections, they have a high probability of defeat.

The president of the socialist party, Paulina Vodanovic, in an interview with local media, he said that “as a party table, we pointed out that we had to have the broadest unity, and we called on the other political forces to understand that this is a battle of progressivism in its broadest expression, and, therefore, we called on go from the DC to the PC”.

Others who are attentive to what is happening in the ruling party, is Chile Vamos, the opposition conglomerate, who through the party president Unión Demócrata Independiente (UDI) Javier Macaya, commented “we must also look at how many lists the ruling party will go on (…) I prefer the statements of former senator Girardi, that if the ruling party goes on a single list, it would be the list of pardons,” he said.

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