Interbolsa case: Alessandro Corridori will not receive compensation that he asked the State for having investigated him

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The Italian citizen wanted to be compensated for alleged moral damage, but the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca assured that due process was respected

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Interbolsa case: Alessandro Corridori will not receive the compensation he asked the State for having investigated him

Alessandro Corridori, an Italian businessman, had requested compensation of 600 million pesos . Source: Colprensa

This Thursday, November 10, it was learned that the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca refused to allow the State to pay the costly compensation requested by the Italian citizen Alessandro Corridori, one of those involved in the Interbolsa embezzlement scandal, a Colombian stockbroker that went bankrupt. because its directors began to divert resources from investors for personal purposes.

When he was included in the investigation, Corridori had been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, manipulation of aggravated species and unfair administration.The Attorney General's Office concluded that the Italian “operated as legal representative and spokesperson for his companies. From his offices he was stirring up illegal buying and selling operations ”, he sentenced. In addition, according to the accusing entity, “all the facts were known by the senior managers of Interbolsa.” However, his case prescribed in August 2020.

After he was acquitted, Corridori asked the State to compensate him for 500 million pesos for the moral damage caused against him by having involved him in the investigation, plus another 100 million for the fees of his defense attorney. According to his defense, there was a lack of objectivity and a violation of the presumption of innocence.

The court reviewed his request and considered that, during the Interbolsa legal process, the Italian was able to exercise his rights to due process and defense. In addition, the ruling says, “Mr. Corridori intervened as an investor in the stock market, carrying out financial operations causing high liquidity and where Interbolsa saw it necessary to open the process against Corridori”, for which reason it was judicially reasonable to investigate him. Therefore, they denied him the compensation he requested.

It should be remembered that, after escaping from the Interbolsa case, Corridori was also involved in the scandal of the contract between the Temporary Union for Populated Centers (UT) and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, which caused an embezzlement of 70 thousand million pesos —which were going to be allocated to the Internet connection of the most vulnerable children and young people in the country— and the resignation of the then minister, Karen Abudinen.

The Italian does part of thelist of visitors to the glass officewhere Emilio Tapia worked on this contract. According to the Prosecutor's Office, The disappearance of part of the entry records to this office, in the north of Bogotá, aims to protect a series of characters, including governors, politicians and businessmen. In addition to former comptroller Miguel Ángel Moralesrussi and a businessman from Antioquia, according to information from the newspaper El Tiempo, it was established that one of the visitors to Tapia's office was Corridori.

Furthermore Before these false guarantees in the contract with the Mintic, for 1.07 billion pesos, became known, Corridori was seen in Tapia's office at least five times, in the company of the lawyer Camilo Andrés Bolívar. The latter is the legal entity of Anzety S.A.S., a company established in January 2017 that tried to buy the Deportivo Pereira team for 31.2 billion pesos.

It seems, according to what the newspaper itself established, that Corridori invited Tapia to participate in this business, so the controversial contractor is thinking of using part of the advance from the ICT Ministry, because Anzety did not have the 3,100 million pesos that were required to keep that business.