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Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover – Hitek

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The world of Game of Thrones is big, dark and full of terror. The two continents even have names, Westeros and Essos, if you didn't already know them. But even though the books give plenty of detail about the different houses and regions and the series itself gives information about the different terrains, it's hard to get a handle on it. get a general idea of ​​the world of Game Of Thrones. This interactive map will allow you to learn more about the kingdoms.

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

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We already had you shown A Game of Thrones map detailing the geology of the world of Westeros, but this one focuses more on the cities, the different clans and the evolution of the characters in the story. We can thus follow the movements of the most important characters over time, by choosing to follow them by chapter or by episode. That of Daenerys Targaryen, for example.

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

We discover the reliefs, the forests, lakes and rivers, the islands, but also the towns and villages that dot Westeros. And it's very interesting to see. see. Who knows, maybe one of these places will be visited! by protagonists a little later. What's really nice is that you can click on any city to open a page with information about the place, which is up to date. the head and what is the history of the place. If you are a fan of historical contexts, you will simply love it.To have fun with this map, it's here:

Below, we offer you other magnificent maps of Game of Thrones and the different kingdoms to help you in your adventures. locate yourself in the world of the famous series inspired by the works of George R. R. Martin. Direction Essos, Westeros, Winterfell, King's Landing and even beyond. of the famous Mur to discover the entirety of the wall. from the world of Game of Thrones&àgrave; through its different regions.

Map of Westeros in Game of thrones

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

Westeros is a very vast territory in Martin's work. This region of the Game of Thrones sagadisplays dimensions close to those of South America. Proof of the extent of this region, its northern part alone is almost the same size as the other known regions combined. On the other hand, its population is much less dense than in the rest of the territory, since Martin tells us of 20 million inhabitants in the year 300. Westeros is home to the headquarters and territory of several families. The most famous is that of the House of Stark which occupies the north of the region with emblematic places like Winterfell, the Wall, the Neck, Châteaunoir…

Westeros is also home to House Tully which occupies the territory of Conflans. House Arryn, as its name suggests, has taken up residence in the Val d'Aryyn. The Fred Islands are reserved for the Greyjoys, with the Pyk Fortress, the family seat. The Crownlands are the stronghold of House Targaryen. It includes Port-Real and the volcanic island of Dragonstone. House Lannister occupies, as for she, the Western Lands. The Stormlands are the stronghold of the Baratheons. Finally, the last two great families that occupy the territory of Westeros are the Tyrells, on the Westeros side. Reach, to the southwest, and House Martell, to the southeast of Westeros, in the Dorne peninsula.  

Map of the strait, separating Essos from Westeros

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

The territories of Essos and Westeros are separated by a strait that you can discover in the Game of Thrones mapabove. If the strait is rather narrow and seems simple to see, crossed, it is still an important barrier to military incursions into one or other of the camps. 

map of the center of Essos in Game of Thrones 

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

After Westeros, comes the territory of Essos, the scale of which you can estimate from afar. through two cards, one above and one below. Located &àgrave; East of Westeros, Essos is home to nine free cities: Braavos, Lorath, Norvos, Qohor, the quarrelsome daughters (Myr, Lys and Tyrosh), Pentos and Volantis. Among the other emblematic places of Essos that you have been able to discover during the many seasons of Game of Thrones, we can cite the Rhoyne, the Valyrian Peninsula, the Bay of Dragons, the Dothraki Sea, Lahzar, the Red Desert, the city-state of Qarth or even the Jade Sea . 

Game of Thrones map: southern Essos 

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

map of Braavos in game of thrones

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As stated above, Braavos is one of the nine Free Cities in the territory of Essos. Its particularity : it is not an ancient colony of Valyria. Among the emblematic places of the city that you may have admired in Game of Thrones, let us mention the Titan, a huge statue located at the edge of the city. the entrance to the port, the Iron Bank and the home of Black and White where Arya joins the Faceless Ones in season 5 ofGame of Thrones

Map of King's Landing, capital of the 7 crowns 

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

Port-Real is the capital of the 7 Crowns. It is in this city that where the famous Iron Throne is located. The Red Donjon houses the residence of the Royal family. Iconic location of the Game of Thrones series and novels, Port-Real counts or has counted many prestigious residents including representatives of House Targaryen (Aemon, Viserys, Daenerys…), the Baratheons (Renly, Robert, Joffrey…), the Lannisters (Kevan, Tywin, Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion), members of the Select Council including Brienne of Tarth… Among the notable places that you may have encountered in the different seasons of Game of Thrones and which are located in the town of Port-Ré ;al, in addition to the Red Keep, the citadel of Maegor, the brothel of Littlefinger, the Great Sept of Baelor and the Guild of Alchemists. 

Game of thrones: map of the North, au- delà of the wall

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

The largest region of the 7 Crowns, the North extends over an area which goes from the south of the Mur to the north of the Neck. Game of Thrones allowed us to visit several times the North and its emblematic places such as Winterfell Castle, the Winter Town, Wolf Woods, Motte-la-Fort, the Bay of Ice, Highpoint… 

map of the Dothraki sea in game of thrones

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

The Dothraki Sea is located on the territory of Essos. Also called the Great Grassy Sea, it owes its original name to the people of the Dothraki, nomadic horsemen who regularly cross this sea. On the northeastern border of the Dothraki Sea, we find Vaes Dothrak , the cultural center of the Dothraki.

Map of the far east in Got

Interactive map of Game of Thrones from cover - Hitek

The Far East of the known world is a mysterious region to say the least in Game of Thrones and the series and books give little information about this remote territory. ;. It is made up of several regions including the plains of Jogos Nhai, Yi Ti, and the Shadowlands, renowned for being permanently plunged into darkness.

Map of the known world in Game of Thrones

Interactive Game of Thrones map to discover - Hitek

This map is a summary of everyone known in Game of Thrones. It synthesizes all the previous maps and allows us to judge the size of the imagined world. by George R. R. Martin in his books.

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