Instagram will give rewards to the creators of Reels

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The social network will test badges and recognition for content creators on the platform

Instagram will reward creators of Reels

The social network will test badges and recognition for content creators on the platform. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

A new update to Instagram will bring with it a new recognition system for content creators on the Meta social network. The Reels Achievementsare the platform's way of motivating users to continue generating content and interaction on their profiles.

“We are launching Achievements for celebrate the effort that creators are putting into their Reels”, indicates Instagram in a post of its official profile called Creators, which also informs about the beginning of the testing phase of this function worldwide. “We want to help you discover new ways to take advantage of tools to improve your content.”

The announcement of the arrival of this new feature to the platform also included an explanation of how this system would work, which would consist of fulfilling certain activities in order to access more acknowledgments by the social network.

Instagram will give rewards to the creators of Reels

The Remix function of the Reels are ways that the creators have to being able to generate content and unlock achievements on Instagram.

How can achievements be unlocked on Instagram

Depending on the post, content creators will only be able to unlock achievements related to posting Reels on the social network, such as:

Collaborating with another creator: Through the “Your Turn” (Add Yours) stickers that can be selected within the application, in addition to the collaboration or Remix tool that can help give the content greater visibility.

Engage with your community: With more interactive Reels it is possible to generate a better relationship with the audience. In addition, stickers such as the one for surveys, the question box, etc. can also be used.

Join conversations: The audios and effects within the application they are a way for creators to join a trend generated by users of the social network.

– Keep your creative streak doing more than one < b>Reel a week, as content creators can generate many interactions with the use of these videos and their work will be appreciated by more people if more are produced.

Once the creators are notified that a new achievement has been unlocked, they will receive a notification that they have been recognized with an Achievement. In addition, according to Instagram, content creators will be able to monitor what they have earned.

Instagram will give rewards to reel-makers Reel Makers

Instagram Reel Achievements (Screenshot)

Also, for those creators who want to know what other goals they can pursue within Instagram, the social network enabled a special menu. To access it, users must:

– Touch the profile icon or the profile pictureat the bottom right of the screen to go to the creator's personal account.

– Click on the Reels icon, located below the information of the profile and then touch the Reel whose achievements you want to see.

– Touch the More button, which is in the form of three points located in line or in the bottom right of the selected Reel.

– Touch the Achievements button, which has a cup icon. Users will be able to see the achievements they have achieved with that Reel. If you want to check the Achievements that have not yet been unlocked, the View All option is enabled.

Achievements that have already been achieved will appear in color, while achievements not yet achieved will appear in gray tones. To see more data, the user just has to scroll down and touch one of them to get more information on how to unlock it. No one else can see someone else's achievements.

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