Instagram incorporates access to direct messages through a key

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The Meta app also adds encrypted messages as a privacy protection measure

Instagram incorporates access to direct messages through a password

The Instagram app also adds encrypted messages as a privacy protection measure. EFE/Sascha Steinbach

A forthcoming update to Instagram could include a dedicated feature for setting a PIN for the private messaging section on specific devices as well as incorporating end-to-end encrypted conversations within the platform.

According to the engineer and developer of mobile devices, Alessandro Paluzzi, this access code for the direct messages of the social network will be used as extra protection for the messages, which will be blocked and other users will not be able to read them if they do not have the correct code.

According to the screenshot that can be seen on Paluzzi's Twitter account, Instagram indicates that “end-to-end encryption means that only you and the person you write to can access the messages.” It is also indicated that the double-end encryption feature on Instagram will be expanded to more conversations in the coming months.

Instagram incorporates access to direct messages through a password

Instagram will add security options for direct messages within the application. (Twitter/@alex193a)

Regarding the option of establishing a PIN, Meta's social network indicates that this will allow secure access to the messages section “on the devices you want”.

However, it is not yet known if the encryption of messages must be activated manually by users or if it will be the standard for all communications through the application. It is also not detailed if the PIN will be established to unlock a conversation each time or if it will have to be entered to access the messages section.

Blocking conversations using a PIN code

Instagram would not be the only Meta application that would be introducing the PIN code as part of the establishment of security measures for access to messages. WhatsApp has already built this functionality into its systems, though it's designed more as a part of 2-Step Verification.

The instant messaging application has a specific security option called two-step verification, which consists of establishing a maximum 6-digit PIN code that will appear randomly from time to time to validate that the person using the device have authorized access to the account.

Instagram incorporates access to direct messages through a password

Notification for enabling two-step verification in WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

Users can enable this feature from the Settings menu, then select the Account option and then click the Verification option in Two steps. If the person has already activated this function before and wants to deactivate it, the access path is the same, with the difference that at the end when clicking on the “Deactivate” option.

The same steps also apply to changing the PIN code within the messaging platform.

In future updates to the WhatsApp system, WABetaInfo indicated that a notification system would be incorporated through pop-ups to set reminders for users to push activation of two-step verification using PIN access.

While security is important to platform, which is why the developers started beta testing this feature, the new notification will show “set now” and “skip” buttons, so this feature will be presented as an option and not a requirement essential to protect the user account.

Because it is a security system, WhatsApp recommends keeping it activated and not forgetting the number set as the password.

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