Insecurity in TransMilenio: more than 800 arrests in 2022 for different crimes

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According to the Transport System Police, theft inside buses has decreased considerably compared to 2021

Insecurity in TransMilenio: more than 800 arrests in 2022 for different crimes

There has been an increase in 82% in flagrante delicto captures and court orders. Photo via:

Through the complaints provided by the people affected and in 2022 more than 800 people have been captured for committing crimes in the city's massive public transportation system, TransMilenio, thanks to the coordinated work between Coexistence of the Ministry of Government, the Ministry of Security, Coexistence and Justice, the Metropolitan Police and the community.

Through the complaints made by the affected people and Follow-ups through security cameras in the different portals and stations of the system, the authorities have been able to act immediately to arrest these criminals.

According to what was reported by the district and the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, of the 808 arrests made in the transportation system this year, 90% were recorded in situations of theft from citizens through through the rape, threat with a knife, tickling, among others.

“In terms of figures, we have an 82% increase in arrests in flagrante delicto and judicial orders, which have been materialized according to the high-impact crimes that we have in the different trunks and in the different TransMilenio stations,” added Captain Sebastián Vargas, commander of the mass transit stations and stops.

On the other hand, according to the transportation system Police, theft within of the buses se has been reduced considerably compared to 2021, since while in this period the rate of this crime per 100,000 TransMilenio users stood at 7.2%; this year the rate has decreased to 4.9%, highlighting a 2.3% reduction in thefts in mass transit environments.

Among the strategies that have consolidated the activities to counteract these crimes in the transportation system, the monitoring and accompaniment during peak hours or high influx, from 5:00 p.m. m. until 8:30 p.m. The Police have daily reinforced security at the Usme, Américas, El Dorado Portal and North Portal portals, with five groups, each made up of a professional and nine auxiliaries.

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">“The authorities highlighted the articulated work between the different control entities and the community; for next year the great challenge is to reduce theft in the modalities of 'tickling' and 'snapping', added the administration.

Insecurity in Transmilenio: more than 800 arrests in 2022 for different crimes

The arrests occurred at the Calle 26 and Calle 22 stations. Photo via:

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For example, in the last few hours the authorities arrested three criminals who were committing thefts at various stations in the system, this captures were presented at the 26th Street and 22nd Street stations.

During control and monitoring activities at the 26th Street TransMilenio station, a uniformed officer detained and sent to the Protection Transfer Center (CTP) of the Ministry of Security, Coexistence and Justice a man who, apparently, was carrying out thefts from outside the articulated buses.

“The capture was made thanks to the monitoring of security cameras from the TransMilenio System”, highlighted the district.

During the other operation by the Metropolitan Police, two of four suspected criminals were apprehended who tried to steal the belongings of system users at the 22nd street station through the stairs modality. These citizens were captured and taken by the Police to the Transfer Center for Protection.

As part of the strategies to mitigate insecurity in the system, the Secretary of Security, in conjunction with Police and TransMilenio officials have been carrying out inter-institutional seizures through search and control operations at the stations.