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Inoxtag: the YouTube star has reached this key milestone in the ascent of Everest

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

The YouTuber had announced; in 2023 that he planned to launch into; the attack a potentially deadly feat. If he had no longer given news since the start of this adventure on social networks, we learned today that Inoxtag has just reached this key stage in the ascent of Mount Everest

Inoxtag: the YouTube star has reached this key milestone

Everest, Inoxtagé's biggest challenge

Indeed, it was last year that YouTuber Inès Benazzouz, better known under the pseudonym Inoxtag, announced in a video published on her YouTube channel that 'he planned to climb Mount Everest to reach its summit. The young man who made himself known with his videos on Fortnite and Minecraft, declared that he enjoyed his life with the Internet but that he “want to do something that I feel incapable of“. 

From then on, Inoxtag prepared itself. physically this dangerous ascent of Everest by filming himself and sharing his preparation for it. its community of fans. He also followed training with Mathis Dumas who accompanies him in this crazy adventure. If a large part of Internet users supported the 22-year-old young man, theThe challenge of his whole life had provoked him. the anger of mountain professionals. The latter considered that this challenge had no interestand was only a simple question of ego.

Inoxtag: the YouTube star has reached this key stage in the ascent of Everest

Inoxtag worries its community of fans

Still, Inoxtag has not given up; &àgrave; go away the assault on the roof of the world because it was on April 6 that the YouTuber announced to its community fans that he cuts his networks to concentrate exclusively on this adventure.Since then, there has been no further news. shared on his X or Instagram account. Some commentators have imagined the worst for the young man. The lack of communication suggested that the challenge of climbing Everest had failed. 

Except that we can count on one of the Sherpas who accompanies Inoxtag in this exceptional ascentto share with us via X (formerly Twitter) on May 19, the program of the days at come with an arrival scheduled for this Tuesday, May 21 after a first attempt to reach the summit which would be undertaken in the morning.

OK, I missed that. a live. We therefore have the schedule set; for the push since yesterday.

May 21 in the morning will be their summit attempt!

They stayed at camp 2 and arrived at camp 3 today.

Tomorrow, they will be at camp 4 for a short rest. Thank you @Andreas2049686 pic.twitter.com/9KNUCalLkp

May 19, 2024

The account specifies that Inoxtag and its accompanying team had to face a challenge. extremely unfavorable and dangerous weather conditions. violent winds which were not expected. Despite everything, the YouTuber managed to achieve this. reach the highest peak in the world as relayed by several specialized media.

Inoxtag: the YouTube star has reached this key stage in the ascent of Everest

Everyone is alive and has succeeded in avoid the many dangers represented by the ascent of 8,849 meters of altitude. Now there remains another equally risky stage: the descent

Inoxtag has succeeded in climb Everest but now he has to come back down without dying

May 21, 2024

Inoxtag when he captured that he had arrived at the top of Everest but mtn we have to go back down pic.twitter.com/e6mCrMF3fl

May 21, 2024

How did Inoxtag already reach the summit of Everest? pic.twitter.com/Io1HZLcD3q

May 21, 2024

Inoxtag when he saw that he had to go back down after the ascent pic.twitter.com/6FTvwwVxRe

May 21, 2024

So là Inoxtag has succeeded in climb Everest in just 1 year of training and mountaineering experience ptdrr it's so CRAZY https://t.co/smckBYndqg

May 21, 2024

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It’s official we can finally say it Inoxtag is the biggest history youtuber https://t.co/hyUeNuXQDj

May 21, 2024

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