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Inoxtag: the videographer finally gives his news after his ascent of Everest

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

The ascent of Everest by Inoxtag arouses keen interest from Internet users. So, obviously, when we got official news from the young man on Instagram after a long radio silence, it sparked a reaction.

Inoxtag: the videographer finally gives his news after his ascent of Everest

an ascent of Everest that provokes a reaction

The least we can say is that Inoxtag has left no stone unturned. indifferent person when he announced his will to climb Everest in a superb video teaser. The mountaineers shouted; to scandal,believing that it was advertising too much. à Everest, already most visited than ever. Many Internet users already saw it. fail to halfway through, when they were not outright predicting his death. And yet we learned a few days ago thatInoxtag would have reached the top of the mountain.Information at your fingertips take with a grain of salt, as it has not yet been released. confirmed by the principal concerned. Moreover, his friend and preparer, Mathis Dumas, advises to be wary of what one can“read on the networks”,in a new Instagram post very expected.

news from inoxtag

“Returning after two months of expedition to Everest. We are both in good health.” From the beginning of his message posted on Instagram this Sunday, May 26, Mathis Dumas wants to be reassuring: Inoxtag and himself are doing well. s Benazzouz has achieved his objective.He should also remain far away from the competition. networks for a while longer, in order to“take a step back”:“Inox needs to take a step back from what happened during this adventure by staying away from the networks to We will keep you informed in the meantime, be careful of what you see on the networks. Thank you for your incredible support and see you soon!

Since yesterday, this Instagram post has caused a strong reaction on social networks, and Internet users are delighted to see that Inoxtag is doing well. The photo posted by Mathis Dumas is officially the first on which the videographer appears since the start of his ascent, there is already two months.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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