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7d Sn Ingebrigtsen is re-qualified and Jesus Gomez is bronze in the 1500m - The Times Hub

Ingebrigtsen is re-qualified and Jesus Gomez is bronze in the 1500m

Ingebrigtsen is re-qualified and Jesus Gomez is bronze in the 1500m

Jakob Ingebrigtsen accelerates ahead of Lewandowski and Jesús Gómez.ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / AF

P They requalified a Czech and put 13 athletes on a narrow track for the 1,500m final. Pushing and tripping was inevitable, and Jakob Ingebrigtsen was forced to stomp on the outside around a corner early on after a struggle with Pole Rozmys, who would not allow himself to be overtaken on the inside and used his elbow to block his way. Locked in, the big favorite then took time to take his usual position, as a decoy in front of everyone. Only at 300m did he give the stretch that left everyone looking into the distance and calculating with what position they could be confirmed in the Europeans on the indoor track in Torun (Poland) .

From then on the race was the repetition of the one in Glasgow, and , like two years ago, with a big surprise at the end. And twice. If then it was the Polish Marcin Lewandowski who stabbed Jakob, aged 20, in the back, the only European capable of competing in the middle ground with the best athletes from Kenya or Ethiopia, on this occasion it was the judges who they were initially disqualified for the initial footstep after having concluded first (3m 37.56s) a race that they absolutely dominated.

The disqualification of the great Norwegian then gave an unexpected victory again to Lewandowski (3m 38.06s), who is always where he needs to be, and two medals for Spanish athletics, the silver one for Jesús Gómez (3m 38.47s) , the intelligent peasant from Burgos who knew how to see the race perfectly and without burning himself always kept the Norwegian-Polish couple within range and came so close to the end that even the great Pole trembled. The bronze seemed to go to the young rookie from Granada, Ignacio Fontes, who came back on a last big lap (3m 39.66s). However, at the last minute, the judges accepted the claims of the Norwegian federation, which claimed that Ingebrigtsen had been pushed, and returned the gold to him. Lewandowski, then, returned to silver, Jesús Gómez took bronze and Fontes went to fourth place.

From the escabechina of the series and semifinals of the 400m – in eight hours, two races to the death, with the lactic up to his ears , and the taste of bile in the mouth, and only the first two of each series moving on – came out alive, more than alive, rooster, according to his style, Óscar Husillos (46.26s), who, even spectacularly, in his semifinal, left out of the final Pavel Maslak, the Czech who has won three Europeans indoors and three World Cups, one of them awarded after the elimination, precisely, of the king of Astudillo in Birmingham 2018, where after signing a mark that raised him to the height of the best in the world (44.92s, European record) he was disqualified for stepping on a line

They fell into the carnage, already in the first series, victims of the lack of possibilities of qualifying by time the others two Spaniards, Lucas Búa and Samuel García, who regularly accompany before the exploits of Husillos (and silver medalists with him in the Glasgow 2019 relay), who in the final (today, 20.10) will have to face only the toughest rivals, the Dutch Liemarvin Bonevacia, the only European who This year it has dropped from 46s, and Tony van Diepen, bronze in 2019 after the Norwegian phenomenon Karsten Warlholm, absent in Torun, and Husillos.

From the final of the shot put Belén Toimil came out with her head held high, who returned to throw , for the second time in his life, and in two days in a row, above 18m, which he had not achieved in his entire career. The 26-year-old Galician pitcher, a disciple of Charly Burón in León, did not appear on the first list issued by the federation, but was added two days later to the trip with the jumper Fátima Diame, who qualified for the final of length. In qualifying (18.64m) she broke a Spanish record of a quarter of a century, almost older than her, and in the final she finished seventh with 18.01m on the sixth attempt and the conviction that, given her youth ( She was the second youngest in a final in which the 30-year-old Portuguese Auriol Dongmo won, at 19.34m) .

Three nulls by María Vicente

“María has to fly in the length, she has to fly in the length,” repeats, after the weight, Ramón Cid, María Vicente's coach, who started his pentathlon regularly (8.31s in the 60m hurdles; 1.77m at a height where he once again grazed 1.80m) until he stumbled, as usual, with the weight. He threw 12.40m, 688 minimum points that made him drop from fourth to seventh place among the 12 participants. Six hours later the length began, the strongest test of the Catalan champion who arrived in Torun animated after having broken the national record (4,501) points in Madrid, two weeks ago. He still had room to recover. But if in Madrid he achieved the record by responding to each error in his weakest tests, height and weight, with an overcompensation in the strong ones, in Torun, perhaps mentally fatigued, to the failure of the weight he did not respond by flying high, as required by the competition and his trainer demanded, if not by tripping over the clay three times. Three voids to which he could not give a technical solution, a lack of resources that showed more mental than physical fatigue, perhaps derived from the noise that arose around him in Madrid. A zero that sank her so much that she was not able to put the nails on a couple of hours later to finish her second European pentathlon with the 800m. The victory, with a great mark (4,904 points), went to the great favorite, the Belgian Olympic heptathlon champion Nafissatou Thiam. Breaking his Spanish record by only 16 points, and the way he was going before the length arena, would have earned Vicente, 19 years old, a magnificent fifth place.

From the 800m series scuttle, the same deadly system of the 400m that swallowed up Álvaro de Arriba, the champion of two years ago, who was involved in the crossing of knives that got – tripped, elbowed, shoved – in the belly of the troupe, and did not come out unscathed , yes they survived, and with their spirits through the roof, Mariano García, the Murcian from Fuente el Álamo who is huge in the great competition, and won his series and his passage to the semifinals (today, 19.25), and the Madrid Pablo Sánchez Valladares.

If the morning belonged to the young Spanish mid-distance runners, the late evening belongs to another of them, the Madrid-born of El Escorial Lucía Rodríguez, also a disciple, like Águeda Muñoz, her friend, of Arturo Martín, who in the final of the 3,000m, in which she finished eighth, which gives her the consideration of a finalist, He took a second bite of his best mark again. Lucía Rodríguez, 22, arrived in Torun with 9m 4.31s. From the semifinal he came out with 8, 56.71s and from the final with 8m 53.90s, the fifth Spanish mark in history, still 13 seconds behind Marta Domínguez's record.

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