Information from IL: Cuts in agriculture and forestry rub off on government negotiations – 50 million a year lost and a cut in subsidies for forest owners

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According to sources, tens of millions of cuts are being sought from the agriculture and forestry sector in government negotiations.

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Iltalehten according to the information, a 40 percent cut in forest owners' kemera subsidies is on the table, among other things. KAROLIINA PAAVILAINENelli.harju@iltalehti.fiYesterday at 14:47

IL's information: Cuts in agriculture and forestry have been scrapped in government negotiations – 50 million a year removed and cuts to subsidies for forest owners

According to Iltalehti's information, cuts from the agriculture and forestry sectors are being rubbed out in government negotiations.

According to Iltalehti's information, the Agriculture and Forestry Division has been given annual cuts of tens of up to 50 million euros to deal with, in addition to cuts of 20 percent from the forest center and 40 percent from kemera subsidies.

Metsäkeskus is an organization under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry whose tasks are, for example, to promote sustainable forestry and advise forest owners. Metsäkeskus grants kemera grants to support private landowners' forest management. In recent years, fewer grants have been applied for than in the past, which means that grant money has not been used.

Government leader Petteri Orpo (kok) has said that the government negotiations aim to adjust the public finances 6 billion euros in this four-year period, and that means savings from almost all sectors.

In the government negotiations on the economic reform table, the financial framework was given to the negotiators last week. According to information from Iltalehti, the agriculture and forestry division is now looking for solutions on how to reach the requested savings targets. The chambers will soon have to confirm whether an agreement on savings can be found, or whether the savings proposal will be taken back to the “upper tables”.

The Agriculture and Forestry Division basically negotiates with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's administrative sector. According to Iltalehti's information, from the point of view of the agriculture and forestry industry, there is concern that savings impacting the industry can also come from other negotiating tables, for example through education, research and taxation.

One ​​more hour of exercise and mother tongue in the school week?

According to Iltalehti's information, the Culture, Sports and Youth Division has a consensus on several measures to increase physical activity. The division plans to add an hour a week of physical education and mother tongue to elementary schools.

The section has also discussed the correction of the model of Harrastaminen Suomen, because the current model is not targeted as expected. Consideration is being given to whether school afternoons should be rearranged in some way so that the school day continues with, for example, physical activity or culture, says a negotiating source. . The first phase of the model was in municipalities in 2021–22.

However, the final school reforms depend on what is outlined in the government negotiations in terms of funding from the “upper tables”. However, a negotiating source estimates for Iltalehti that physical education could become one of the top priorities of this government term. Jenni Gästgivar

The chairmen of the negotiating parties have also said that the negotiations have become more difficult. On Wednesday morning, for example, RKP's Anna-Maja Henrikssonsaid that the government negotiations are now more difficult than before and PS's Riikka Purra said that there are big differences between the parties in the adjustment of the public finances.

Also in background discussions, Iltalehti has , that the atmosphere in the negotiations has started to tighten also because the big negotiation issues, such as the social security sector and the savings in development cooperation, have not moved forward.

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