Information aggression of the Russian Federation threatens not only Ukraine, but the whole of Europe

Information aggression of the Russian Federation threatens not only Ukraine, but the whole of Europe

Russian information aggression threatens not only Ukraine, but the whole of Europe

Photo: Against the backdrop of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the importance of the information front, as well as exactly how Russia uses information weapons, has become even clearer. Before the invasion, Putin spent many years preparing the population for current events through the creation of an established propaganda tool. The latter spread anti-Ukrainian narratives about “Nazis in Ukraine”, “puppetry of the Kyiv regime” and “Ukrainian people in a hostage situation”.

This is reported by Cyrpus Daily News.

In addition to influencing its own population, the Russian Federation tried to justify the war to foreign partners, for whom it talked about how Ukraine “is shelling its own people in the Donbass.” Thanks to this, the aggressor wanted to create a picture of the world in which he protects the inhabitants of Ukraine. Already after the start of the war, propagandists used the Soviet cliche and accused Ukraine of the crimes committed by the occupiers, which also bears fruit in Russia itself, but not abroad. This is due to the fact that the Kremlin propaganda proved to be a failure and ineffective in terms of influencing the Western public.

However, in such difficult conditions, Ukraine continued to fight against the Kremlin attacks both on the real front and on the information one. The Ukrainian side has deepened cooperation with Western countries and successfully discredits the army and leadership of the Russian Federation, which contributes to the political and economic isolation of the aggressor. In addition, the information war against Putin is aimed at obtaining comprehensive support from foreign countries and preventing the emergence of a pro-Russian political coalition in the European Union, which is potentially capable of causing enormous damage to Western countries.

The key feature of the information strategy of Ukraine in a full-scale invasion of its territory is the authenticity and operational training in battles with information attacks of the enemy. Because of this, it protects not only the Ukrainian people, but also residents of other countries, including European ones, from the potentially destructive consequences of Russian propaganda.

In other words, Russia uses the methods of conveying information to justify a bloody war and mobilize its people to ostensibly protect the country and its people. Ukraine does this to rally the West in the context of providing it with support, as well as for the sake of conveying truthful information to the Russians about the actions of their leadership and the army.