Influencer Poupette Kenza fined 50,000 euros for “deceptive marketing practices”

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sanction The mother and influencer on social networks has published the letter from the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention < p>Influencer Poupette Kenza fined 50,000 euros for “deceptive marketing practices”

Influencer Poupette Kenza — @poupeettte

The hunt for social media fraud isn't taking a break in August. Influencer Poupette Kenza announced on his Snapchat profile having received a letter from the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF). She is fined 50,000 euros for “misleading commercial practices” online.

In question: an advertisement for a Crest 3D White brand teeth whitener, failing to state that it was commercial content, the shared document states. by the influencer on her social networks. Poupette Kenza will also have to publish on its various accounts the press release. detailing his sanction. “I want to vomit”, reacted the interested party who assures that this mail “destroyed [his] evening, it’s big thieves.” “The worst thing, she chokes, is that it’s a fine, you have to. to pay it or you go to jail,” the 23-year-old mother.

Several cases around Poupette Kenza

Poupette Kenza is also suspected in another file of having promoted a kitty for Moroccan orphans, whose funds have disappeared. The association in charge of the orphanage, Atlas Kinder, had expressed his wish to file a complaint against the young woman for “breach of trust” and “embezzlement,” reported Le Parisien.

Finally, she is also suspected of child abuse on his son. In February, an investigation was carried out. opened for “suspicions of embezzlement by the parent of a minor child without legitimate reason to his legal obligations compromising his health, safety, morals; or his upbringing,” the continuation of a series of videos shared on Snapchat which explains the hospitalization of his elderly son. from to barely a year for a serious injury; the head.