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Inflation, pitou and kitty: how much does an animal cost per year in 2024?

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Pet owners sometimes have difficult choices to make during times of inflation. (Archive photo)


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Inflation does not spare pets. According to a report from financial product comparator HelloSafe, a dog costs, on average, more than $3,000 per year in Quebec, which represents an increase of 23.3% in three years.

It’s a calculation that seems well-crafted to me. Food is expensive. Annual visits, toys that need to be replaced and everything, it can easily cost $3,000, analyzed the general director of SPCA Outaouais, Maxime Daigle.

The cost of the bill varies depending on the breed and size of the dog. But regardless, the initial outlay remains $2580. The annual budget for larger dogs can reach more than $4,600 in 2024, according to HelloSafe, which updated its data in January 2024.

From the moment you acquire the puppy, it doesn't take long for expenses to pile up, including sterilization ($690), veterinary care ($460) and dog classes ($460).

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“I have several clients who change the type of food their pet eats because they are no longer able to afford it,” said says the co-owner of Animal Kingdom.

For some pet owners, the year 2023 has been difficult to take, admits the co-owner of Animal Kingdom, Joanie Frigon-Carrière.

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ELSE ON NEWS: Quebec wants to legalize the sale of electricity between private companies< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">I have several clients who change the type of food for their pet because they are no longer able to afford it.

Others decide to restrict themselves to prevent their animal from paying the price. Ms. Frigon-Carrière said a client chose to give up her gym membership to pay for classes for her recreational dog.

At the end of 2022, HelloSafe had established that the average annual budget for a cat in Quebec was $2,150 per year.

In Gatineau, animal owners can only see the accuracy of the report. This is particularly the case of François Lavigne, who makes frequent visits to a local pet store. There she buys food and products for the stray cats she rescues.

I find them, I shelter them, I keep them if they want to stay and I have them operated on, the customer said when she was shopping. Ms. Lavigne does not look at the expense for her residents, but the fact remains that she has noticed that the price of the bags of food she buys has increased.

It sure has increased. But it's not something that concerns me, she added.

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At the end of 2022, HelloSafe had established the average annual budget for a cat, in Quebec, was $2150 per year.

A visit to the premises of the Outaouais SPCA is enough to see what we have often heard in recent years: almost all cages contain an animal, all year round.

Before the pandemic, there was a warm season and a winter when we were less busy. Now we are at our maximum capacity. […] During the pandemic, an animal could be adopted in two or three days. Now, it’s not uncommon for it to take three or four weeks, especially for cats, said general manager Maxime Daigle.

The average annual expense for a dog in Quebec (New window) [external link]

The context of the housing crisis doesn't help either.

We notice that people are not moving for pleasure at the moment. It's difficult to find accommodation, and places that accept pets are rare, he added.

What's more, inflation forces potential owners not to adopt an animal or to choose another.

People can no longer pay their rent. They then reduce the size of their dog or the cat becomes too many. This cat who would have been adopted [not so long ago] may be at the Outaouais SPCA at the moment.

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