Inflammation of the spinal cord and paralysis: Oksana Bilozir told about the terrible effects of poisoning

In 2005, the singer on the post of Minister of culture was poisoned

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Воспаление спинного мозга и паралич: Оксана Билозир рассказала о жутких последствиях отравления

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Ukrainian singer and former culture Minister Oksana Bilozir, may 30, will celebrate his 63 years. On the eve of the birthday program “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine” visited the actress. During the interview, the artist remembered that terrible time when she almost left my life.

The post of Minister of culture of Ukraine, which she has held from February to September 2005, almost turned into a tragedy for her. In politics Oksana was conscious – even got a specialized education. But not all of her expectations were met.

Воспаление спинного мозга и паралич: Оксана Билозир рассказала о жутких последствиях отравления

The singer and former Minister of culture of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir

“I thought there would be some teamwork, but there was not, there already, each member working on… Competition of ideas – your idea is already developed and already introduced, that is, it has its own laws,” – says the singer.

But the worst thing she had to face in politics – it was her poisoning. There have been suggestions that in 2005 the Minister of culture and tourism, allegedly poisoned the same things and ex-President Viktor Yushchenko. There was even a version about the consequences of a failed cosmetic surgery. But those who are intimately acquainted with Bilozir, say that she did not need it, because she by nature has wonderful data.

“The whole year was in the Theophany. If not this area, I do not know what would have happened to me. And I could not walk, could not move. My husband just planted on the bike, I had to develop legs, to relieve the paralysis, and I turned the pedals. This was an important discovery for me that someone can just kill me, it’s very scary,” recalls Oksana.

Because of the terrible pain, the singer could not sleep for 12 days and nights. Poisoning effects were terrible – inflammation of the spinal cord and partial paralysis. And she has faith that everything will pass, and it was heard: “God healed me in one second during the prayer I started to walk.”

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