If a person suspects that they are infected with both coronavirus and influenza at the same time, it is urgent to undergo appropriate testing. Andrey Pozdnyakov, a Russian infectious disease specialist, spoke about the algorithm of actions. algorithm of actions in case of infection with COVID-19 and influenza at the same time” />

“Testing should be done as soon as possible. For example, to make express tests for the presence of influenza and coronavirus. It may happen that a person is at risk, given his age, the presence of pathologies or even pregnancy. If a coronavirus infection is detected, the treatment will be one, with the flu – definitely different,” Pozdnayakov noted.

The simultaneous course of coronavirus and influenza has not yet been studied, since after infection with two infectious diseases at once, it is extremely rare to carefully decipher the causes of the disease. If a positive test is obtained for both of the above ailments, it is extremely important to pay attention to the symptoms. At a temperature of no more than 37.2 degrees and normal health, hospitalization is not required. A doctor should be called if the body temperature exceeds 39 degrees, intoxication and bleeding in the mucous membranes appear.

Source: lenta.ru


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