Infectionist debunked coronavirus myths

Infectionist debunked coronavirus myths

The expert notes that everything is very individual for each patient.

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Infectionist debunked coronavirus myths

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Scientists said that people with the second blood group are at the highest risk of getting coronavirus. Moreover, the old, well-known drug “Dexamethasone” has been called a panacea for COVID-19. Infectious disease specialist Yuriy Zhigarev in the program “Ranok z Ukraine” on the TV channel “Ukraine” told what is true and what is fiction.

The longer the coronavirus has been around, the more we know about it. Independent studies conducted in China, the United States and Iran have confirmed that people with the second blood group are supposed to get sick with a severe form of coronavirus faster than others. And those with the first blood group are in the zone of least risk.

“These are just some separate observations. We observed 10, 20, 100, 200 patients and came to this conclusion. Even if I have no doubt about these researchers, that is, how is it in general – on the population?” – said Yuri Zhigarev.

But in general, viruses can actually affect people with different blood types in different ways.

“Of course, there are people more vulnerable to certain infections. And there are less vulnerable. We observe this with other infections. It has been proven that some infections more affect people with a certain blood group,” the expert comments.

Infectionist debunked coronavirus myths

Infectionist debunked coronavirus myths

And the scientists themselves admit that their research is still at an early stage. Another myth is that such a fairly well-known and cheap hormonal drug “Dexamethasone” treats coronavirus . But it turns out that the issue is also controversial.

“This is a drug that we have known for decades and is widely used in the treatment of severe infections. I absolutely cannot say that this is some kind of panacea, some kind of new medicine that has a miraculous effect on coronavirus disease,” noted the infectious disease specialist.

Dexamethasone can really relieve the patient's condition and treat the virus, but it cannot neutralize the COVID-19 virus on its own, doctors say. In some cases, the disease, the control of immune responses and is the salvation from the disease. But for each patient, everything is very individual. Therefore, in no case should you self-medicate.

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