Inefi signs agreement with various entities

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  • Inefi signs agreement with several entities

    Alberto Rodríguez together with doctors Víctor Villanueva (AINEP) and Jorge Luis Peláez (LIDE).

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The National Institute of Physical Education, through its director, Alberto Rodríguez, signed the agreement. This Thursday, a tripartite collaboration agreement was signed with the Association of Private Educational Institutions (AINEP) and with the School Sports League (LIDE).

It was signed at the Inefi headquarters (Avenida República de Ecuador in the Honduran capital sector) by its executive director Alberto Rodríguez, while doctors Víctor Alejandro Villanueva and Jorge Luis Peláez signed as presidents of the AINEP and the LIDE, respectively.

The entity that regulates physical education in the Dominican Republic reported this. That this agreement seeks to coordinate, develop and implement activities that generate the technical and productive capacities necessary to achieve intercollegiate tournaments in their different sports disciplines.

“I feel very happy and rejoiced because in just two weeks we are taking giant steps and at the same time  I thank the AINEP and the LIDE for joining efforts to work for the benefit of youth… we are going to achieve good things for the present and future of the country,” the director of INEFI.

He announced From now on, important things will happen for physical education and school sports in the Dominican Republic.

In the fundamental aspects of the agreement lies in the fact that both the AINEP and the Liga Deportiva Escolar seek to boost and promote quality education and sports with family integration.

For Dr. Víctor Villanueva, the agreement constitutes a milestone, since it generates the first synergies of I wonder what the country lacked for this type of experience where the public and private sectors join efforts in pursuit of promoting physical education and at the same time integrate an institution as important as the family. .

While Jorge Luis Peláez, president of LIDE, assured the that the signing of the agreement will generate “positive results in the education of our young people because they will have other alternatives to develop in a more adequate way”.

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