INEFI rescues the national contests of the Physical Education class

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  • INEFI rescues the national contests of the Physical Education class

    Alberto Rodríguez, executive director of INEFI, together with to students of the Santa Luisa de Marillac Educational Center.

In order to encourage physical education teachers to improve their practices and stay up-to-date, the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) officially opened the “V National Class Contest”. of Physical Education”. 

With this initiative, the INEFI rescues this important event, of an educational nature, after 10 years paralyzed. 

< p>The activity, led by the executive director of INEFI, Mr. Alberto Rodríguez, began this Monday at one in the afternoon at the Santa Luisa de Marillac Educational Center and will extend until this Wednesday, November 9, at other schools in the National District.

Physical educators representing each of the 18 Regional Directorates of Education participate in the event.

In relation to physical education teachers and the V Contest, the executive director of INEFI said in his speech that this will be the case. one of the main axes of his management.

“One of the main axes is to strengthen the competence of physical education teachers and train them,” said the director. Rodríguez, who was accompanied by INEFI advisor, Professor Franklyn Duval.

The director of INEFI announced that agreements are already being made with other countries so that teachers can travel to be trained. 

"The idea is that you can go there and they come here and exchange knowledge because you are key to the comprehensive education of all students and all children”, he said. 

"All those children tomorrow they can be high-performance athletes and if they don't, they will be professionals left to society and we have to work on that because it is what President Luis Abinader has promised,” he said. 

< p>The Teaching Director of INEFI, Manuel Morel, pronounced the words of welcome, an opportunity that he took advantage of. to highlight  the importance of the V Physical Education Class Contest. 

Meanwhile, the teacher Yohalis Acosta, who is the Technical Coordinator of the V Contest, It is a pedagogical competition in which the good practices of physical education teachers will be seen.  

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