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Indonesian pilots fell asleep during a night flight for almost half an hour

Indonesian pilots fell asleep during the flight/Fazry Ismail/EPA

Two Indonesian pilots during a night flight did not communicate for almost 30 minutes. The reason for this incident was that they both fell asleep.

According to the report of the National Safety Committee, the pilots were sleeping at the same time during the Batik Air flight from South East Sulawesi to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. This is reported by The Guardian.

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The incident led to a number of navigation errors. However, neither the 153 passengers of the Airbus A320 nor the 4 flight attendants were injured during the flight, which lasted two hours and 35 minutes.

About 90 minutes after takeoff, the captain asked the co-pilot for permission to take a short break , and the request was granted. The co-pilot took command of the plane, but also accidentally fell asleep.

The control center in Jakarta tried to contact the plane shortly after, but received no response. 28 minutes after the last message, the pilot woke up and realized that his colleague was asleep and the plane was flying on the wrong trajectory.

The man woke up his colleague, answered calls from Jakarta, and also corrected the trajectory flight After the incident, the plane landed successfully.

The co-pilot had one-month-old twin babies. His wife took care of the babies and he helped her while at home, the report said.

Both pilots were temporarily suspended. According to the report, one of them did not get enough rest the night before the flight. The director general of the Air Transport Authority, Maria Christie Endach Murni, said that she was severely reprimanding Batik Air in connection with the incident.

We will conduct an investigation and analysis of the night flight in Indonesia related to fatigue risk management for Batik Air and all flight operators, Christie said.

In addition, she urged the airline to pay more attention to crew rest time.

Indonesian pilots fell asleep during night flight for almost half an hour

Indonesian pilots fell asleep during the flight

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