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OJ WC Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Dwell Rating and Stats – March 1, 2021 Gametracker - The Times Hub

Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Dwell Rating and Stats – March 1, 2021 Gametracker

Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Dwell Rating and Stats – March 1, 2021 Gametracker

PHILADELPHIA (AP) Shake Milton shook off a defender with a crossover that despatched the 76ers right into a frenzy, and Furkan Korkmaz buried 3-pointers that despatched them on their method towards a romp.

This win belonged to the bench.

Milton scored 26 factors, Korkmaz had 19 and the reserves sparked the Philadelphia 76ers to 130-114 win over the Indiana Pacers on Monday evening.

”The ball was hopping,” Milton mentioned. ”All people was getting a really feel for it.”

The Sixers adopted one in every of their worst losses of the season to the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday with a smackdown of the mediocre Pacers. Joel Embiid had 24 factors and 13 rebounds on a sore left ankle. Ben Simmons had 18 factors and 6 rebounds.

The All-Stars received their numbers.

The reserves received their highlights.

Milton sank three 3-pointers and Korkmaz hit six 3s in a recreation through which they received a while, turning it right into a rout.

Korkmaz and Milton blew the sport open for the Sixers within the second quarter and constructed a 20-point lead. Korkmaz, averaging 7.6 factors, and Milton 13.4, about crushed these numbers within the quarter. Milton was 4 of 6 for 9 factors; Korkmaz sank 4 3-pointers and scored 13.

”It is what we’d like,” 76ers coach Doc Rivers mentioned. ”We’re nonetheless working with that group, making an attempt to determine what we will run that matches us the perfect.”

Embiid handed out of a few double-teams to search out Korkmaz — nicknamed each Furky and Korky, you choose — and he buried 3s that opened up a double-digit lead.

Milton — in a transfer that will have made Allen Iverson proud — hit a crossover on Myles Turner that left him stumbling towards the basket. Milton buried the 21-footer that despatched the bench right into a towel-waving frenzy. Public tackle announcer Matt Wire even chuckled when he mentioned Milton’s title for the basket.

Matched up principally in opposition to Embiid, the unhealthy evening continued for Turner when he was roasted by Embiid.

”I say this respectfully, however that is a matchup I’ve dominated since I received to the league,” Embiid mentioned.

Milton hit fellow reserve Matisse Thybulle on an alley-oop and located Embiid for an 11-footer to present the Sixers a 72-55 lead on the break. The Sixers’ bench scored 26 of their 39 factors within the second and made 5 of their six 3s.

The Pacers had no solutions.

”When a foul play occurs, we will not let it snowball and let if have an effect on different issues that we do,” Pacers coach Nate Bjorkgren mentioned.

The Sixers, who nonetheless have the perfect report within the East at 23-12, have been surprised by the Cavs in OT on Saturday. Rivers mentioned the Sixers handled that one like a ”walkthrough.”

They awakened in opposition to a Pacers crew that has misplaced 4 straight video games. Malcolm Brogdon returned from a one-game absence due to a sore proper knee and led the Pacers with 20 factors.

”This isn’t a shedding crew or a shedding tradition,” Brogdon mentioned. ”This isn’t what we’re used to.”


Pacers: Doug McDermott left the sport with a damaged tooth. … Jeremy Lamb sat out with a sore left knee.

76ers: Tobias Harris, who averages 20.2 factors, sat out a second straight recreation with a bruised proper knee. He may return for Wednesday’s recreation in opposition to Utah.


Pennsylvania eased restrictions Monday on massive gatherings to replicate a sustained slide in new COVID-19 circumstances, hospitalizations and deaths. The Wells Fargo Heart mentioned it might rapidly enable followers into Flyers and 76ers video games if metropolis officers give the go-ahead. Beneath the relaxed gathering limits introduced by Gov. Tom Wolf, indoor occupancy will probably be 15% of most capability, no matter venue measurement.

”We wish to see our followers right here,” Rivers mentioned. ”We have now confirmed right here in Philadelphia that it’s a dwelling courtroom. Our followers are phenomenal. We want them right here. It might be superior within the second half of the season if we may have followers. It may actually enhance us.”


Pacers: Play Wednesday at Cleveland.

76ers: Host Utah on Wednesday in what may very well be a matchup of groups with the perfect report in every convention.


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