Indiana Jones 5: Disney made this disturbing decision regarding Harrison Ford

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Last week, we revealed to you; the first official images of the next installment of the saga Indiana Jones shared by the magazine Empire, thus allowing to have a preview ;u from the star of the franchise, &atgrave; know the famous actor Harrison Ford. But it was also the opportunity to discover more about the film Indiana Jones 5, and in particular on part of the plot, with a news that will surely worry some fans .

Indiana Jones 5: Disney has made this disturbing decision regarding Harrison Ford


A risky retry?

With an upcoming release date? seen for June 28 next year at home, the film Indiana Jones 5 will mark the great return of Harrison Ford in the role of the famous adventurer , nearly 15 years after the franchise's fourth installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). Having then the ambition to trace the last moments of the hero, the next film, directed by James Mangold, should thus emphasize seniority; of the character in the scenario, the latter having precisely been the subject of rewriting to better integrate this dimension.

However, fans have recently learned that despite this will to highlight the long experience of the actor, some scenes would transport us to the past, allowing us to discover a rejuvenated version of the main character. Indeed, as reported by Empire, Mangold revealed; that the opening of the new movie should take us back to; the time of the original trilogy, set then in 1944.

Indiana Jones 5: Disney made this disturbing decision regarding Harrison Ford

We will thus discover the hero in a castle full of Nazis, in a sequence intended to be full of action. The idea being then that the actor could find the appearance that he had in the first part of the saga Indiana Jones, at agrave; know Raiders of the Lost Ark(1981),the director intends to use De-Aging on the Hollywood star, which is none other than a digital technology to rejuvenate an actor's face.

Concretely, Mangold appealed to; Industrial Light and Magic, a visual effects studio best known for collaborating with Lucasfilm, to work on new software that matches archival footage of the young Ford with recently shot footage. The idea being then to mix them to obtain a result that the team hopes to be homogeneous.

Indiana Jones 5: Disney made this disturbing decision regarding Harrison Ford

And although one can easily understand why Mangold made this choice, thus allowing to highlight the elapsed time. between the beginning of the film and the rest of the story, the latter normally taking place in 1969, some might be skeptical about the difference between the expected result ; and the end result, especially in light of previous attempts of the genre.

Because until At present, the few productions that have tried it have not really received the welcome expected. One will think for example of Netflix with the movie The Irishman (2019), or at; the series The Mandalorian and the mixed result; of his Luke Skywalker. Still, the franchise star seems quite optimistic about the outcome, with Ford recently saying : “This is the first time I've seen it in a movie and believed it”.

Indiana Jones 5: Disney made this disturbing decision regarding Harrison Ford

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