India buys Russian naphtha. Chi vryatu tse RF

India buys Russian naphtha. Chi vryatu tse RF

India is stingy with Russian naphtha. We are spoiling Russia

Koli european naphtha the embargo will be renewed in the future, the budget of Russia will spend less than 25 thousand rubles.

India has increased the purchase of oil in Russia, the US State Department said and called on the Indian government not to increase the import of Russian hydrocarbons. Previously Bloomberg announced that India plans to buy more naphtha in Russia at a lower price. The big city allows Moscow to earn more on oil, lower to full-scale invasion.

< p>The largest economy in the world has taken a neutral position during the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, inspired by the imposition of sanctions, in the name of which Moscow puts on the cause of great hopes on the collapse of chіkuvan, pov’s China. rozpovіdaє, chi help India Russia or speed up the situation.

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India plans to double oil imports from Russia

India has increased its purchases of Russian oil, said US Department of Energy Senior Officer Amos Gockstein. 9 worms of wine, having bumped into those on the hearings of the committee from the foreign affairs of the Senate.

In other words, India has increased its purchases of oil in Russia by an average of 100,000 barrels for extraction up to 800,000 barrels. Significantly, following the data of the analytical company Kpler, by the end of 2022, Russia supplied 284,000 barrels of oil per day to India, and 740,000 barrels a day from grass. At the grass of 2021, the year of the show has become 34 thousand.

Washington is continuing dialogue with New Delhi on the export of Russian energy resources to India, appointing Gokstein. The economy of India should be deposited with Russian oil, but, on the other hand, & # 171;

«First, do not buy too much and eat so that it doesn’t look like you have become the sufferers of European and American supporters. And in a different way, report zusil before the good to conduct negotiations. Shards, if you don’t buy anything, then you won’t find anyone else. That’s why you can’t worry here», – the official voicing his call.

Having added that Russian buyers are already offering a discount on naphtha of about 20-30 dollars per barrel. About how the country goes, without specifying and adding: «Reduction on Russian naphtha is getting bigger».

Gokstein transfers that Russia can earn more income from trading in oil and gas, a full-scale war against Ukraine, more global price increases will compensate for the inflow of sanctions to Sunset. Ale, I don’t care about anyone.

The light of growth will drink on naphtha from the side of those who came out of the coronavirus pandemic, it was & # 171;On June 6, Bloomberg wrote in a letter to Gerel that India plans to increase the supply of Rosneft. The stench pays for the supply with a reduction, even international purchases are subject to pleasing through the war of Russia against Ukraine and sanctions.

Dzherel Bloomberg, the holders of the partnership are working together on the laying down of new six-month contracts, in order to supplement the deliveries that are already being made. Imports to increase as a state, and private Indian backwaters.

Vodnochas 9 chervnya Reuters having reported that the test of Russian officials in India about the sale of supplementary oil contracts was affected by the failure to meet difficulties: Rosneft in sovereign oil refineries of India in the purchase of batches of Urals through the supply of oil.

The negotiations with the company, the largest bottler in Russia, were entered by three Indian oil companies – Indian Oil Corp, Bharat Petroleum Corp and Hindustan Petroleum. For the sake of Rosneft – six million barrels with an option on additional three million – only a few IOCs were put away.

Why India can't help Russia

In three months , having passed the beginning of a full-scale war against Ukraine, Russia has spent a lot of all of its primary trading partners. The volume of imports fell by 89% before May.

The first from the clips fell the rozvinenі kraїni, yakі delivered the most warehouse high-tech goods. Import from China — one of the key post-employees in high-tech products – also having fallen more than half.

On what basis is it even more optimistic for Moscow to sound the statement of India about not coming to the sanctions and the development of trade money. But to develop them practically from scratch, write EurasiaNet.

Singh Rameshwar, President of the Russian-Indian Friendship Partnership DISHA, designates, scho, krіm zbroї, goods turnover between the countries is close to zero.

« We have hundreds of thousands of companies that turn everything from foodstuffs to cars. But only theoretically. In practice, it’s more difficult to encourage those who didn’t get away with fates for a few months. It is necessary to know the law, mothers of direct contacts with businessmen, it is necessary to have a systemic robot, which I don’t know, – saying wine.

It’s not to have a busha-posol-posol in іndosamyami in іndіїi in Іndії ilga Kulikova: « Bilshist Vobrobnitva in Indіїjerezhena to finish off the other compans, the stench does not want to ate more than the pivotal. 187;.

Oleksiy Kupriyanov, certifier of the North Asia group and the region of the Indian Ocean of the ICEMO RAS, signifies that the isolation of the Russian Federation is an accommodating partner, which, on aphids, is sharply short-lived goat-practice with other countries, ready , but still add sanctions.

Remaining butt: on the cob Reuters having shown how great the Indian company Indian Potash is, it is fiercely unable to make a payment through a Russian bank through the inclusion of a bank in SWIFT and problems with conversion.

In addition, no one clearly wants to step aside from India of Russia. For example, the United States, also being strong diplomats, chose, calling on everything, not sanctions, but financial importance.

Zokrema, for information Bloomberg, States are preparing a package of 500 million dollars in aid to Delhi. Quite imovirno, on the way of the sign of Russian-Indian friendship, not sanctions, but a true rozrahunok.

«At all optimistic forecasts, I may give one answer: «Is it important? Navіscho kraїnі, zgodnі be friends with the first economy of the world, rizikuvati їhnoy dovіroy for the sake of the economy to finish the weak and today's most fallow? I am especially pleased with the admission that India is now helping us with the production of foreign enterprises, such as distribution in the її territory», – comments the economist, businessman, key partner of the company Management Development Group Dmitro Potapenkoniy. zahіdnі virobniki, yakі rozirali vіdnosinі z Rosієyu, not to allow massive implementation of any parallel schemes.

«The same Mercedes, which may have its own plant in India, sends from Russia not to the one who was punished, but to the one who does not bazha your mother with us on the right. The word «reputation» for him not an empty sound. And if he himself pishov, having spent a bunch of pennies, then it’s impossible to allow & # 171; anger & # 187; their products through «sіrі» channels? So it is with other companies», – explaining the wine.

If oil is worth it, then Russian analysts will mark over it, that for the river of 15 million tons of oil it is possible to ship to India, but if it is a transfer, each partner consulting company RusEnergy Mikhailo Krutikhin.

«Because in India there is great competition for oil from the Persk Stream, which dominates in the country. I don’t care about the great lows (it’s close to 40 tons at a time), we need six million tons per river to go to India without leaving. Tsezh, commingled with the European market, like a whale wept», – quoting Yogo

Having added that the Chinese and Indian routes are ready to accept only small additional obligations. «It is not a replacement and it is not similar to the replacement of the European direct oil export», – having assigned a fault.

In the meantime, ZMI z & # 8217; received information that trade between India and Iran could soon begin, as it was interrupted 3 years ago through American sanctions imposed on Iran.

Until this international date the mechanism of trade, and the sides may turn around. At the same time, it is richly stale in view of the fact that it’s easy to get into the supply of the Iranian nuclear program.

Krutikhin, like a lot of other experts, predicts that through the oil embargo, part of the Russian enterprises will be closed for the production of oil, .

Sunny weather will become not only in the middle of the Russian type of footwear and tins, but also in hundreds of satellite enterprises, as if you should shut up or speed up your activities by adding wine.

« The effect for the Russian budget will be unimpressive. The federal budget of the Russian Federation on Naftogaz and the associated companies receives over 60 thousand rubles of their income. If the European embargo resumes in the future, the budget of Russia will spend no less than 25 thousand rubles, – the expert explained.