India: Burger King removes tomatoes from its burgers, McDonald's and Subway too

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INFLATION The monsoon and soaring food prices are behind this decision

India: Burger King removes tomatoes from its burgers , McDonald’s and Subway too

With the torrential monsoon rains, the production of tomatoes in the country was strongly impacted, causing the price of the fruit to explode. (Illustration) — Pixabay

“Even tomatoes need a vacation!” That's it! the posted message for a few days in all Burger King in India. The chain’s 400 fast food outlets have indeed warned their customers that an essential ingredient in their burgers will temporarily disappear: tomatoes, reports Reutersrelayed by Le Parisien.

The brand also no longer offers free extra slices of cheese in the sandwiches. In question: a surge in the price of tomatoes which could reach +450% depending on the region, due to the heavy rains of the monsoon which impacted the price of tomatoes. agricultural production, as well as food inflation which has multiplied the prices of certain foodstuffs up to sometimes making them quadruple since January 2020.

McDonald’s and Subway also concerned

In addition to tomatoes, the Indians are forced to give up certain essential foods in their burgers and other classic fast-food menus, such as onions, peas, eggplant, garlic or even ginger. “We are doing our best to put tomatoes back in our burgers,” Burger King to warn customers’ire.

The chain of fast food restaurants is not the only one to to have had to make this decision. Many McDonald’s and Subway brands have opted for to the same extent against tomato prices. “If prices remain high, restaurants may have to accept price increases,” the head of a financial organization with Reuters.