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Independence, is it necessary?, says a Bloc attaché

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The former mayor of Blanc-Sablon, Andrew Etheridge, hesitated for a long time before giving his position on the question of independence.< /p>

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Andrew Etheridge, the new political attaché of the Bloc MP for Manicouagan, Marilène Gill, questions the relevance of the Quebec independence project. The elected official, for her part, emphasizes being open to the idea of ​​working with people who do not share all of the values ​​of her political party.

In an interview with Radio-Canada at the beginning of December, the man who recently joined the Bloc MP's team hesitated for long seconds before answering the question asked by the journalist, who asked him what #x27;he thought of the Quebec independence project.

Marilène Gill, present during the interview, indicated to her colleague that he was not obliged to answer the question. Andrew Etheridge, however, spoke out, after a moment of reflection.

Is independence necessary? Why, [simply] for the language? I am not for or against. I don't think it's good at the moment.

A quote from Andrew Etheridge, political aide to Bloc MP Marilène Gill

When Radio-Canada asked the new attaché if he considered that the independence of Quebec could help the people of the Lower North Shore, Andrew Etheridge simply replied no.

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Marilène Gill believes that her new colleague will allow her to better make the voice of the Lower North Shore heard.

For her part, Marilène Gill considers that people who do not adhere to all of the Bloc Québécois' ideas can have a place within its team.

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Everyone can be in politics, everyone can work in the office of the MP for Manicouagan, it’s the office for the North Shore. It's not mine. So, it’s the entire population. I think it just moves us forward.

A quote from Marilène Gill, Bloc MP for Manicouagan

When we get together with our colleagues, the number of discussions we can have is truly, eminently, human. There are people from other political parties who, for me, are friends, argues the MP.

Andrew Etheridge was previously mayor of Blanc- Sablon before joining Marilène Gill's team.

He considers that the federal and provincial governments have a poor understanding of the problems that concern those who live on the Lower North Shore, a sector in the far east of Quebec.

We are in the corner of Quebec. [These governments] don’t want to know anything. For example, the fishing industry, they don't know what it is, he expresses in a response where French and English intersect.

Marilène Gill believes that her new political attaché will allow her to better make the voice of the Lower North Shore heard. The extraordinary thing about Andrew is that he knows the world. We must give more attention and resources to the Lower North Shore, says the Bloc MP for Manicouagan.

Andrew will be a support, a right arm for the Lower North Shore, so that we try to solve [the region's problems] as much as possible, because there is lots of challenges.

A quote from Marilène Gill, Bloc member for Manicouagan

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Marilène Gill is currently serving her third term for the Manicouagan constituency.

Among the challenges that the MP wants to tackle with her attaché is mail delivery in Lower North Shore. For example, last summer, mail landed less frequently in Blanc-Sablon.

Andrew Etheridge believes that his region must regularly arm itself with patience to receive the post.

Sometimes, the mail arrives just in Blanc-Sablon or, other times, just in Chevery. It’s really irregular, he says.

We anticipate the possibility of something happening, [including] a disruption in mail service. It is also medicines and foodstuffs. […] We are currently working to have the figures on when and where [service interruptions] occur. When we are told that the plane dropped off the mail, where is it? The Basse-Côte-Nord is not simply a single municipality, indicates the MP.

We must draw a clear picture of the situation. Andrew will be able to make the connection with people if we are not able to have the information from Canada Post, she specifies.

Andrew Etheridge could work for several more years for the Bloc MP. Marilène Gill is considering seeking another mandate in the next federal election.

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