Increased demand for barbecues

Increased demand for barbecues

A sign that many Quebecers are already planning to spend the summer at home or at the cottage while the pandemic continues, the demand for barbecues is exploding, to the point where a Drummondville business is struggling to meet the demand.

Hellrazr BBQ Prestige started its activities last October, becoming one of the few manufacturing companies, with the exception of those active in sanitary products, to have launched in the midst of a pandemic.

The demand for its products is already such that it must consider an expansion. “People with COVID are staying at home. The budgets available for traveling or going to a restaurant are reinvested more in them. So, now, the demand is really exceptional and, somewhere, we owe it to Quebecers who support us, ”said the president of the company, Shawn Bevins, enthusiastically.

Demand for coal is also on the rise. A Saint-Tite SME that manufactures them from forest residues is barely enough to fill orders, although it has recently doubled its production capacity.

“I think COVID has contributed to people having more time at home to cook. For the activity of cooking on charcoal, it is sure that it is an activity which requires some time. You don’t necessarily have to be in a hurry, ”commented Xylo-Carbone President Simon Langlois.

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