Increase in dog theft

Increase in dog theft

Since the start of the pandemic, Quebeckers have rushed to get a pet. Now there is an increase in dog theft.

A Beauce family lost one of their dogs two weeks ago. Sara T. Croft, her family and their three dogs were outside when people on snowmobiles came and abducted the dog practically in front of their eyes.

“I hear people on the side of the path calling for my dogs, I see the dogs leaving, I call them back and, out of my three dogs, I only have two dogs that come back and one that doesn’t. Says Ms. Croft.

She then saw two people go on snowmobiles, one of them driving the machine while the other held her dog Raven in her arms.

“No time to recognize anyone, there are other cars passing by, skidoos leaving,” she adds.

A police complaint was made and ads were posted on social media in an attempt to locate Raven.

“I have three children, two of whom are three and four years old who absolutely do not understand what happened. They come into the house and ask me where the dog is, ”she continues.

Sûreté du Québec agents responsible for the Sainte-Marie en Beauce territory said there was an increase in thefts of pets.

Another owner of the South Shore of Quebec saw his dog being kidnapped by people in a car.

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