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Incorrect data settings reduce battery life: what you need to do

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Incorrect data settings shorten battery life: what you need to do

Changing your 5G data settings will not only help preserve battery life, but also improve overall device performance.

The 5G standard can lead to the rapid discharge of smartphone batteries. This especially applies to iPhone models from Apple, reports The Sun.

Incorrect use of 5G can damage the battery. Fortunately, Apple experts managed to find a way to prevent this by changing one data parameter.

The default settings for 5G on iPhone are designed to optimize battery life and data usage depending on the plan. However, users can also customize the settings themselves, specifying when to use 5G and how much data to allocate to specific applications.

To find out if your carrier supports 5G and if your cellular plan is compatible, you need to contact directly mobile operator. And to access the settings, according to the Apple support service, you need to select “Settings” — “Cellular communication” — “Cellular settings” or “Settings” — “Mobile data” — “Mobile data options”.

If the user has two SIM cards, then you need to do the following: “Settings” — “Cellular” or “Settings” — “Cellular Data” and select the desired number to change the settings.

Apple says that you can extend battery life by choosing how the iPhone will use 5G.

5G Auto : activates Smart Data mode. If the 5G speed is unsatisfactory, the iPhone will automatically switch to LTE, extending battery life. The appearance of the 5G icon is determined by the carrier's network configuration and may sometimes appear even when there is no 5G coverage.

5G On: Uses the 5G network when available. This may reduce battery performance.

LTE: Uses LTE only, even when 5G is available.

Changing data settings will not only extend the battery life, but will also improve the overall performance of the device.

The company proposes to include enhanced data usage in 5G, which will enable enhanced data usage features for applications and system functions. These improvements include: higher-resolution FaceTime calls, high-definition content streaming to Apple TV, access to high-quality Apple Music songs and videos, iOS updates over the cellular network, and automatic iCloud backups. This setting allows iPhone to automatically switch to 5G instead of Wi-Fi when the Wi-Fi connection is slow or creates security issues on sporadically visited networks.

To control this feature for certain networks, you need to go to “Settings” — “Wi-Fi”, select the desired Wi-Fi network, tap the information icon and turn on “Use Wi-Fi for Internet”.

Also, this option allows third-party apps to use additional cellular data for a better experience user Apple Support warns that enabling this option will increase cellular data usage.

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