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Des incentives for the purchase of used zero-emission vehicles? Ottawa is thinking about it

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As Ottawa strives to phase out gas-powered cars, a report suggests introducing incentives for used vehicles.


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The federal government will study the possibility of extending its incentive program for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles to used vehicles, according to the latest progress report on the Emissions Reduction Plan of the Canada.

The federal program currently only offers incentives for the purchase of new vehicles.

Neither the office of Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez nor that of Minister of the Environment Steven Guilbeault wanted to confirm whether discussions were underway to expand the incentive program.

In a media statement, Rodriguez's office referenced his latest ministerial mandate letter, which commits the minister to improving affordability and [accelerate] the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, including used vehicles, for Canadian households and businesses.

Provinces like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec already offer consumers incentives to purchase used electric vehicles.

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At a press conference on Tuesday, Mr. Guilbeault seemed unaware that the government was considering such a measure for used vehicles.

Right now, at the federal level, the purchase incentive is $5,000 and that's the plan we have moving forward, he said. -he declared to journalists. What will happen in the future? Will we change it? Will we adapt it? I don't know.

The federal government last week announced new regulations requiring all new vehicles sold to be fully electric, plug-in hybrids or fuel cell hybrids by 2035.

Think tank calls on Ottawa to expand vehicle incentives #x27;used.

The second-hand market is growing, and not all Canadians can afford to buy a new vehicle, whether it's a new vehicle or not. it's gas or electric, said Joanna Kyriazis, director of public affairs for Clean Energy Canada.

Helping low- and middle-income Canadians purchase used electric vehicles […] is a big step forward.

A quote from Joanna Kyriazis, Director of Public Affairs at Clean Energy Canada

The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (CCVA), which represents Ford, Stellantis and General Motors, said the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (CCVA) Expanding the federal incentive program could encourage reluctant drivers to switch vehicles, but the incentives must be large enough, according to the association.

You could have a slightly lower incentive for used vehicles, but it has to be enough to help Canadians transition […] to a new technology that still raises concerns and questions, a said Brian Kingston, president and CEO of CVMA.

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