In Zaporozhye, the SBU discovered a cache of TNT and grenades

In Zaporozhye, the SBU discovered a cache of TNT and grenades

SBU found a cache of TNT and grenades in Zaporozhye

Photo:  SBU

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine conducted a special operation in Zaporozhye, during which they detained an arms dealer, and also found a cache with explosives and grenades.

As the press service of the SBU informed, the detained attacker wanted to illegally sell a batch of explosives (including TNT). He kept combat weapons in the city, at the place of residence.

The arms dealer was looking for clients through his own connections, in particular in criminal circles. During the arrest, a batch of TNT was found on him.

The attacker is being prepared to report suspicion and choose a preventive measure in the form of arrest.

During further investigative and operational actions, a cache with weapons and explosives was discovered and ammunition, equipped in the vicinity of Zaporozhye, in an abandoned utility building.

"Among the confiscated – more than 5 kg of TNT and plastid, as well as an RPG-22 rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade. According to preliminary data, the hiding place could be equipped to commit sabotage in the region”, — stressed in the SBU.

During the inspection of the cache, the special services also found: combat grenades F-1, RGD-5 and RGN; over 800 rounds of 7.62mm rounds.

All of these weapons will now be reviewed.