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In Yukon, two people triggered ; accidentally the Ibex Valley fire

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The Ibex Valley fire grew to 1,546 hectares in one week.


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The Takhini Bridge wildfire in the Ibex Valley region this summer in the Yukon was started by two people who were shooting rifles at explosive targets, reveals the chief of the territory's fire department.

According to the results of the fire department's investigation, the blaze was the result of human activity which was determined to be accidental.< /p>

The Takhini Bridge fire was about thirty kilometers from Whitehorse.

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Investigators found six rifle casings at the scene of the start of the fire.

The two were practicing shooting on July 8, during a heat wave in the southern Yukon region. According to the investigation, these people first tried to extinguish the fire themselves, without success, before calling 911 to report the incident. They remained on site until emergency services arrived.

According to the investigation report, the two people admitted to starting the fire by accident and the fire chief concluded that no illegal activity was taking place.

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No charges have been laid by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the names of the individuals involved will not be made public, indicates a press release from the Yukon government.

With hot, dry and windy weather conditions, the fire grew large enough that area residents were placed on an evacuation alert that lasted eight days.

The arrival of rain finally slowed the spread of the blaze, which allowed firefighters to reinforce the security perimeter. About twenty firefighters from Nova Scotia came as reinforcements.

The Takhini Bridge fire was declared “contained” on July 16, without causing any injuries or property damage.

The investigation into the cause of the fire was conducted in partnership with the Champagne and Aishihik First Nation.

In a written statement, Fire Chief Devin Bailey urges residents to exercise caution for the coming year: Even if this fire was accidental, we ask the public […] to avoid using explosive targets during the season wildfires, especially when it is hot, dry and windy.

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